Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses premiere

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If you were asked, how would you define the word “slow”? How about “crushing”? Or “massive”? I don’t know about you, but I think I can describe all three very easily and with the same term: Into Coffin. Greet this absolute death/doom behemoth, trudging at a ridiculously leaden-footed pace, each step leaving the earth trembling and cracking beneath the weight. 

Back in 2016, “Into a Pyramid of Doom” was released and Into Coffin thought it had too many songs, too short a runtime and definitely not enough amps. Now, three years later, they set out to show they can top themselves with “Unconquered Abysses”, a monolithic 75 minute, 4 tracks record that manages to elude the dreadful “sophomore slump”.

Death/doom has a few facets: it can be melodic, melancholic, catchy (I know it’s rare, but think for example “The Knife” by Ghost Brigade), however, on “Unconquered Abysses” you might find only the menacing side of this sub-genre. Into Coffin is not here to play nice. It’s here to envelop the world in an amorphous abomination of darkness and devour whatever was left of our miserable existence.

This is the type of a no-frills album. From the moment it properly begins, you pretty much know what you’re in for: echoing guitars, bellowing growls and piercing screams, thundering drums, a tempo that varies between dirge-like and mid-paced, scarcely going above that, and a just-right production. I want to praise the latter because it’s a department in which I’m usually very picky. It sounds cavernous and suffocating at the same time, while not succumbing to the temptation of turning to the raw side or being over-produced. Also, I have to highlight the mammoth closing track “Archetype for the Total Ruin”, which exceeds the 20-minute mark, for providing such a great ending.

Enough of me talking though. I should let the music speak for itself because today Blessed Altar Zine is proud to present you an early stream of “Unconquered Abysses” two days ahead of its release, courtesy of Terror from Hell Records. So annihilate yourself with the album below and grab a copy for yourself here.

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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