Clavicvla – “Tiamat Skin” track premiere

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In one of my pilgrimages through Bandcamp’s unending torrent of new releases I encountered an album that had something written in the description, something that piqued my interest: “experience Clavicvla’s music in its intended and most appropriate setting: in total darkness, and at maximum volume possible”. And so I did, without knowing the aural horrors that had been tormenting me for the next 40 minutes or so. Now, not even one full year later, Clavicvla crawls out of whatever hell spawned it, to lay waste to our senses once again. 

In that light, today, we are honoured to present you a new track off of the upcoming record, “Sepulchral Blessing” named “Tiamat Skin”. Tiamat is the goddess of the salt sea and she is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation. In the case of the track, I’m not sure about creation, but I can surely vouch for the chaos part, albeit the song in itself, all 7 minutes of it, are not tumultuous. An immense drone, one that rather feels like a drill, keeps digging all throughout the track’s duration, going deep into the mind of the listener, infecting it with a primal fear down to its very core. Accompanying this mental excavation is an otherworldly, distorted voice, chanting a dirge for the worlds it laid waste upon and announcing the same fate for a thousand more.

So sit down, isolate yourself mentally and physically, enjoy this nightmarish piece and then brace for what’s to come November 1st, when the full album will be released, through Sentient Ruin Laboratories in North America and Cyclic Law in Europe. Be sure to grab a copy of this unparalleled work of dark soundscapes! 

North America (Sentient Ruin Laboratories): Store

Europe (Cyclic Law): Store

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