Dysangelium – Death Leading

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Band: Dysangelium
Title: Death Leading
Label: World Terror Committee
Release date: 8 October 2019
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from Germany, takes me back to my first ever review of Ferndal, aaah what a ride.

DYSANGELIUM has already released their latest album “Death Leading”. Five years have passed since their debut “Thánatos Áskësis” in 2014, and I believe they were due for more. After all, five years gives you plenty of time to create something good, right?

Black metal at its finest comes in the form of this album. A dark orchestration welcomes us to the adventurous listening as XIII” opens, the excitement was building for sure as it smoothly flows into “Fated”. The sound is mature with vocals similar to LG Petrov. Filthy guitar tones fill the dystopian and gloomy atmosphere, giving it an aggressive wave . The production is spot on with the higher quality sounding vocals of Homo Larvalis”. Old-school in modern clothing I would say.

The title track, “Death Leading”, is no lesser than what I had heard so far. The familiar guitar chords colorings that are typical to black metal are infused with different genres giving diversity and pleasantness. Spoken vocals towards the end along with groovy drumbeat behind a blasting guitar made me think of Behemoth. O Father O Satan O Sun in particular.

The main riff of “The Great Work” is very head banger friendly, I felt the need to see this band live however to test my theory. The track is straight forward, no bells and whistles metal at its finest and I couldn’t figure out anything I would have personally wanted in there or not. It’s named after the efforts that were put into making this album.

The guitars are playing „all beats per minute“most of the time, but I must give credit to the drummer since he is making it all sound diverse and fresh. The flow of the drums and vocals together is admirable in “Through Henbane Nebulah” as well as “Venus Inverse”, the fresh breeze in the black metal catalogue put a smile on my face as the vocals moved into the direction of harsh edition of Celtic Frost.

“Theatrical” can be used to describe the second half of the album. The dialogue in the closing track of “When Death and Devil Rise” is perfectly backed up by the rest of the band and by the end you realize the length of the album is spot on.

Everything I like in metal is on here; thick and meaty vocals, exquisite and groovy drums, tasteful guitar work, interesting song arrangement and mix with hints of other genres. Very well done. 8.9/10 Julia



8.9/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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