Mortal Incarnation – Lunar Radiant Dawn (demo)

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Band: Mortal Incarnation
Titled: Lunar Radiant Dawn
Label: Independent
Release 7 July 2019
Country: Japan
Format reviewed: FLAC

I discovered this demo by chance and definitely wanted to share my excitement with you by “Lunar Radiant Dawn” and what the guys from Mortal Incarnation do. Many comparisons can be made with some of the best contemporary bands. Think of Spectral Voice, Tomb Mold, Ossuarium, Mortuous, Necrot, Pernicion, Innumerable Forms, Fetid… etc. – you got it. However, there is much more than that. MORTAL INCARNATION add something very specific to their ultra-heavy suffocating swamp death metal. But I’m trying to describe it in the below lines.

I was very much surprised when I read that MORTAL INCARNATION are a trio, coming from Tokyo, Japan. This made my fascination grow, but I was absolutely blown away by their music. “Lunar Radiant Dawn” is the demo band released in the beginning of July. Consisting of two tracks, and a total length of 16 minutes, it does not carry the typical demo shitty sound. On the contrary,  “Lunar Radiant Dawn” easily can be EP – we all have heard official records with lower quality.

The opener “Infinite Consciousness Unchained From the Mortal Incarnation” begins pounding, with very heavy growling vocals, and then suddenly it drowns into a mesmerizing death-doom passage with clean guitars before to explode again. This is the moment I understood there is something very special and specific about this demo. The whole tracks consist of multiple changes of the tempo and all these parts are fitted very well together, composing a great whole. And those haunting clean guitars in the last third the track. Absolutely obsessive, delusional, SICK!

The second track “A Dismal Propagation into Decay”, is longer, actually over 10 minutes. It begins very catchy again adding clean haunting guitars over. Blast beats continuation and rapid tempo and riffing. Then calmer part, from the delusional visions, clean guitars over riffs again, pure psychedelia. And it repeats, adding slower sorrowful, mesmerizing crushing-your-tiny-soul-and-mind part, ripping your heart and bringing tears by the twist and turns of the solos. This is sick!

Those 16 minutes pass imperceptibly and I felt these two tracks have brought me great excitement and the needed musical experience. MORTAL INCARNATION’s demo easily can be considered among the masterpieces of the genre, ranking above today’s leading monsters. 

For this demo, I can give 10/10 without a moment of thinking, but I’m really looking forward to listening to what Septic Necrovoid, Goatlord and R$Y will deliver in their first official record. Hopefully coming soon. Make sure to support MORTAL INCARNATION! 9/10 Count Vlad


9/10 Epic Storm
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