Crimson Moon – Mors Vincit Omnia

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Band: Crimson Moon
Title: Mors Vincit Omnia
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release date: 30 August 2019
Country: USA/Germany
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Promo

Now, here’s the thing. I missed CRIMSON MOON before, so I “met” them for the first time when I chose to review their brand new album “Mors Vincit Omnia” (Death conquers all) a week ago. It is my omission of course, especially that the band has a long history, but it is what it is.

Founded in 1994 in USA as a solo Black Metal project by multi-instrumentalist Scorpios Androctonus In 1998 “the project” relocated to Germany and became a full band. Since its formation, CRIMSON MOON has released 3 full-length albums and their fourth, the above mentioned “Mors Vincit Omnia” is due this week, on 30 August! According to the information, the record plays homage to Azrael: Angel of Death, Destruction, and Renewal.

“Mors Vincit Omnia” contains 8 tracks, and has a total running time of 55 minutes. What instantly grabbed me here were the very good distorted black metal riffs and tremolos, the raw, but still mellow sound, so typical for US BM bands, as well as some gorgeously composed and played parts within the tracks. Especially the clean guitars over riffs and middle tempo – parts which parts were very impactful to me. Just listen to the ending of the opener “Vanitas” and you will get my point. Speaking about the sound, the overall atmosphere reminded me about mid-90’s ABSU albums mixed with slices of 96-98 Cradle of Filth era (soundwise and in a couple of motifs), as well as one of my favorite from last year – ICHOR’s “God of Thunder God Of War”. Another very distinctive part in the record is the cathedral choirs included on every track. These add a very majestic, mystic and grandiose effect to the whole album and yet keeping it very underground. For these parts “Mors Vincit Omnia” reminded me about THERION’s “Lepaca Kliffoth” and “Theli”; especially in combination with the specific sound of the album. Further dissecting the music, you will find very distinctive bass lines supporting the tremolos and creating their own playthroughs and solo works.  

Some more important details. “Godspeed Angel Of Death features the guest vocals of Lord Angelslayer (ARCHGOAT) and Proscriptor McGovern (ABSU).  The song is a real beast and your ears will be pleased. Besides the above-mentioned tracks, I must mention here is the awesome(!) “Parcae – The Trinity of Fates” especially the middle part and the finale, and the ritualistic fatality of “Funeral Begotten”.

The album also features guest vocals from Ixithra (DEMONCY) who took part in CRIMSON MOON’s 2016 “Oneironaut” and Phaesphoros (KAWIR) who in addition to mixing the record also performs wooden recorder.

The overall feeling is for a second wave album. It is obscure and occult. It has some very strong moments. What I found it was too much for me – the overall length of the songs could have been shorter. Also, the cathedralic choirs make the tracks very similar, and this impacts the diversity. At a certain point, I felt there wasn’t really a standout track/s, and at the same time I could give 11/10 to some of the parts of the tracks. Delusional. Songs like “Upon the Pale Horse” and “Mors Vincit Omnia” couldn’t really convince me fully, despite being absolutely in line with the whole atmosphere of the album.  All that said, I do recommend to check CRIMSON MOON’s new album. It is very well played and executed. Yes, “Mors Vincit Omnia” carries the spirit of the second wave and the obscurity of the dungeons and the fires enlightening the dark corridors the occult underworld.  7/10 Count Vlad

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Official Website

7/10 Victory is possible
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