Defixion Interview

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– Hello and welcome to Blessed Altar Zine! I would like to begin by thanking you for taking your time to answer some questions for our readers.
– Thank you, Blessed Altar Zine, for the opportunity to be part of your pages.
This is Ousiri, the chant to Abalal.

– Let us start out by learning a little bit more about the members of Defixion, perhaps you can tell us about the meaning of your names?
– Our names have many meanings and no meaning at all. Our names are minor deities, curse tablet contents and mystical voxes. They are outcries, a plea. 
With these names we remind ourselves that what we are as mortals is not important as much as the immortality of good art in Death Metal music. Something you do not see much these days.
The messenger is never important. 

– So, having formed the band in 2015, what has the road been like so far?
– The path is always transmutation. We shed the old powers and use the new ones (Virtutem). A t-shirt and long hair was no longer fair to the form, to the ancient powers. We needed to craft a new symbol, a new depth. 
We went from being just a Death Metal band to examples of method and ancient magic. And that took a few years until we found the wings of the one who hides the light of the stars: Abalal.

– Perhaps a bit stereotypical question, but being from California, was death-metal the usual way to go? Or were there different influences that played their part?
– As extreme music form, it felt very natural for us to choose Death Metal, but also challenging. Death Metal and mysticism is not frequently combined. It really does not matter if we play or live in California. We search in objects, antiquity, knowledge and protection. 
Musical influences: Technical Metal bands from the 90s, prog Rock, Thrash, Ambient, etc
Conceptual influences: Coptic, Latin, Greek, Celtic, Etruscan. Curses, Magic, Esoteric knowledge. Deities. Rituals.

– The lyrical theme you have adopted is quite interesting, how was it that you went into the theme of occults and magical invocations?
– Thank you for the interesting appreciation in return.
Our name: DEFIXION. That is the decision point and the all in all. 
Defixion is a curse tablet, a binding spell, a harming force. What a waste would be to embrace a dark name as such and end up talking about zombies, the overly used girlfriend abuse and the surgical terminology. We wanted something more, something darker, something dimensional and timeless.
We believe in the house of the defixi. We believe in concept and action. We believe in literacy and powers beyond understanding.
Signa Magica three 7 times. 

– Would you say that the lyrical theme has influenced the music you create?
– The Materia Magia is what shapes the music, no doubts. 
Musically this is Death Metal in its pure form. But lyrically we never know where the materia will take us.
Divina musica qui natus est de vulva maledicta. 

– Having Tabella Defixionis out now since the 18th of June, how have the reactions been so far?
– Reactions are really good. Live reactions are really good as well. 
People are never sure what to expect when they see us, totally flattering. 
We are doing the dance with all our Metal brothers. 
Opening for MORTA SKULD, TERRORIZER, NILE. So far so good.
We are also protected by Xtreem Music record label in Spain, doing their best to expand.

– Let´s talk about the cover art of the EP, tell us about the story behind it.
– The art represents the simple union between mortality and harming forces. A step
in our hexagramic defixion ritual. Imprecatory material.
You have the skull that for us does not represent just death, but votive sacrifice, necromancy and secrecy.
The Greek doll is one of the well-known examples of defixion. 

– What does the future hold for Defixion?
– Not even the wisest man in the kingdom can answer that. But we can tell you what we want; More knowledge, more musicianship, more promotion, more shows, more connections, more art.

– Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
– Nail art from Veneris, carried along the secret rivers of faith.
Evoe. Barley. Evoe.
Diurna Lux: Adjura Est.

Interview by Julia


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