Mean Machine – Rock’n’ Roll Up Your Ass

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Band: Mean Machine
Album: Rock’n’ Roll Up Your Ass
Release Date: 8 August 2019
Country: Spain
Label: Lengua Armada/Fighter Records
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

Today I decided to go a bit out /the genres I love the most and write a few words about the new MEAN MACHINE album. Because at the end of the day it’s all about rock’n’roll. Even better when it is “high octane rock’n’roll” as my friend Steve “VinylHunter” named it. MEAN MACHINE is trio coming from Barcelona, Spain, and as every citizen in a South country, their blood is boiling. As it does their music since 2010, when the band was founded.

Play it loud, play it fast. This credo started to roam as of the beginning of the 80s, especially with the rising of bands like METALLICA and MOTÖRHEAD. This is what actually MEAN MACHINE are delivering. Fiery “rock’n’roll” with clear MOTÖRHEAD signature. Lots of speed, lots of punk and metal.  MEAN MACHINE are known as powerful live performing band into their genre. They opened for Slash, Zeke, Peter Pan Speedrock, Tygers of Pan Tang, Holocaust, Demon or Desaster, among others and opening for Girlschool in their Spanish Tour.

MEAN MACHINE released their first full-length album “Livin’ Outlaw” in 2014, followed by “Bastardized Mean City” in 2016. Their brand new third record is simply called “Rock’n’ Roll Up Your Ass” and the name clearly demonstrates the band’s attitude and what it is all about. Yes, it is “high octane rock’n’roll”, very good for speeding (the artwork of the album is great by the way!), life on the road, and a party with drinks and a fight in the next bar. Twelve tracks in 35 minutes, carrying lots of the already mentioned above bands and influences. The vocals are more into the hardcore/cross over end, which makes the tunes even more intense. Since the beginning, the trio takes a clear direction and without fatigue, they go till the end. Tracks like the opener title track, “Nitrobitch”, “Don’t Mess Around with the Boys”, “Speed Patrol” “Steamroll the Hammer”, “Faster, “Hell of a Crossfire” with definitely move your blood this summer and during your vacation or your holiday trip.

So, if you like MOTORHEAD, TANK, early METALLICA, ZEKE, NASHVILLE PUSSY, PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, punk rock, cars, speed, beer and living wild, MEAN MACHINE will take you on an enjoyable ride. It’s attitude, it’s way of life, it’s HIGH OCTANE ROCK’N’ROLL! 7/10 Count Vlad


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