Krigere Wolf – Eternal Holocaust EP

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Band: Krigere Wolf
Title: Eternal Holocaust EP
Country: Italy
Label: Independent/Lower Silesian Stronghold
Release date: 1 April 2019
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Hailing from Sicily, Italy, KRIGERE WOLF have been active since 2009. Rick Constantino actually started it all in 2007 as one man band, and two years later the name KRIGERE WOLF appeared. The band went through changes all these years, and now the core consists of Rick (responsible for bass, drums and lyrics) and and Salvatore Leonardi (guitars and vocals). For their live shows, KRIGERE WOLF count on their long time partner Salvatore Martino Testa, to blast the drums.   

Up to date the duo has three full length albums, as the band’s debut “Ancient Culture to Kill” appeared in 2012. Later in 2014 and 2016 KRIGERE WOLF released “Sacrifice to Valaskjàf”(mastered by Magnus from Marduk) and the further crafted soundwise “Infinite Cosmic Evocation” (mixed and mastered again by Magnus). This album KRIGERE WOLF recorded as a four-piece band as Rick met Salvatore Leonardi, Garbrile (on the vocals) and Dario (on drums) in 2015, offering them to join and record “Evocation”. In between the albums, KRIGERE WOLF has a split with Waldschrat/Notre Amertume/Antiquus Scriptum in 2015 and with mighty SABBAT from Japan (2018). KRIGERE WOLF have always offered a well-crafted mix of black/death metal with lyrical themes lying into the war, occult, Nordic tales and sacrifices…

In the spring of 2019 the actual “Eternal Holocaust” EP hit the world. I mean, it literally hit it with the band’s uncompromising energy, brutality and real heaviness. It is an intense one and very much existing on great energy blasts and riffing to solo tremolos of the black metal dynamics, plus some death metal pattern. Something which I’m so keen on with HATE MANIFESTO for example. Naturally the Swedish black metal influences of DISSECTION, MARDUK, WATAIN. A modern parallel could be possible made even with VALKYRJA’s latest – also echoing from the dark melodies. For the vocals in the album take care the session members Gabriele Catana again and Valerio Cimino. The vocals? So deep and growling, more into the DM spectrum, but just awesome!

“Eternal Holocaust” was (and still is) among my most played albums in April and among my top list picks for the month. I decided to finally present it here because the world needs to know – these 28 minutes just came and haunted me, grabbing me for the throat, suffocating me with their powerful hands. In addition to the Intro track and cover version of Dissection’s “Nigth’s blood”, KRIGERE WOLF recorded another four new fast tracks to celebrate in an apocalyptic way their tenth anniversary on stage. The titles speak for themselves – “Eternal Holocaust”, “Blasphemous Chaos Magnificence”, “Mystic Genocide” and “Vision of Death” (with an epic twist in the melody). All song performed in the typical tempo, KRIGERE WOLF are bringing again a dark atmosphere and a black metal foredooming experience, with a breath of Swedish 90’s BM. Looking at the cover track it is what it is – a dark horseman, wandering in the eternal night, bringing to life all the visions of death. Add on top the great sound of this EP – clear, sharp, dense, in order to complete the devastating atmosphere.

Rick shares his thoughts on the EP: “…Eternal Holocaust is a short but intense ear massacre, yet featuring the typical melodies of the KRIGERE WOLF sound. In metaphorical and almost poetic sense, lyrics evoke death and destruction for the whole humanity. A vortex of fire, a universal pyre occurring while you enclose your mind in a transcendental mediation among cosmic abysses. This primordial feeling is supported by a sound recalling the Valkyrie’s echo in Valhalla.”

The above description says it all. My verdict? I find “Eternal Holocaust” standing among the finest EPs so far in 2019. It is just a devastating and apocalyptic darkness. The band has combined a lot of energy, brutality, power and precision in this EP. That’s why it is mandatory to listen to it and it is a must-have for every worshiper of the extreme music. 9/10 Count Vlad


9/10 Epic Storm
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