Hate Manifesto – Herald of Triumph EP

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Band: Hate Manifesto
Title: Herald of Triumph EP
Country: Greece
Label: Helter Skelter Productions
Release date: 24 June 2019
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

”Let every man remind their descendants that they also are soldiers who must not desert the ranks of their ancestors, or from cowardice fall behind.”

HATE MANIFESTO is among the most intensive, brutal and yet enjoyable bands on the Planet. Formed in 2003 (since 1997 known as Carpathian Lords), W.S.P. – 6/4 strings warpulse and Chaos summoning and Warhead – hammers of hate (session), deliver absolutely hateful anthems of pure barbarian wrath. The music of the band can be described as brutal, extreme, blasting, crushing, destroying…no – devastating, apocalyptic war black metal with death metal breakdowns, ultra-intensive (again) riffs over an ultra-pulsating tempo and very heavy vocals. On the back of my t-shirt is writen “Primordial Barbaric Wrath”. Period.

HATE MANIFESTO’s debut full-length “For Those Who Glorified Death” was released 14 years after band’s start, just in 2017, and it is really a glorious apogee of the hate and the energy unleashed. It is a fantastic album devastating from outside and conquering from inside. So addictive, so absorbing, and most definitely most the best brutal albums of the respective year.

To continue this tradition, HATE MANIFESTO will release on 24 June 2019 their brand new EP – “Herald of Triumph”. Another glorious 17 minutes containing all the power of the ancient Greek Gods. (or Barbarian; or both!). The EP consists of old material which was never recorded before – the title track and “Scourge of the Iron Beast”, as well as a demo version of “The Deification of Your Extinction” (from “For Those Who Glorified Death”), and “Perpetual Glorification of the Eternal Symbol of War”. The latter is already known from the band’s 2015 split with WARGRINDER.

“Herald of Triumph” is a wrathful storm, despite its short length. The duo is performing their war tunes superbly, with razor-sharp precision and triumphal hate. Their manifesto is obvious and gathers either worshipers or victims, killed in the most brutal barbarian way. With hammers, skulls and fires, the bringers of the apocalypse are riding through the darkness to conquer the enslaved. You just need to listen to the powerful drumming or the beating of the cymbals or the vocals growls on “uoaghh!”. Spitting fire of hate.

Listen to more HATE MANIFESTO. You need HATE MANIFESTO in your life. “Kneel before the Legions of the Damned”. “Iron domination for Eternity” 10/10 Count Vlad


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10/10 Immortal Classic
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