KALMO Exclusive Stream

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Light a candle before everything else. If you have incense, add it…Today Blessed Altar Zine proudly presents the KALMO’s exclusive stream of the new “Elävä vainaa” track from the upcoming EP “Demoni”

Released originally as a demo with a music video, the track is a part of the demonic underground horror show which KALMO delivers in “Demoni”EP. The music in “Demoni” is abrasive, morbid doom from the deep dark dungeons. KALMO means “cadaver” in Finnish and the tunes suggest just that – nightmarish hallucinations, full with night creatures, monsters, leprous putrid smell and figures in black walking around neverending corridors and tunnels under the ground. “Demoni” is a sound experiment, pushing the boundaries of doom into further and darker territories, exploring new (under)grounds. 

“Demoni” contains 6 tracks and officially will be released on 10 May. The sole mind and lost soul behind KALMO, performs all the guitars and bass on the EP. He is responsible for all the drums beats and evil chants. Whispered in Finnish, they just adds additional flavour of horror to the overall feeling which “Demoni” brings. We at Blessed Altar Zine are proud that we got the EP exclusively for a review before everybody else in the world. There are at least 666 reasons to listen to the EP and invite the demons at your house. Find them out in our review

The candle slowly fades. Now you feel all the demonic ghosts and darkness all around. Push play…

Words by Count Vlad

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