HANDFUL OF HATE Exclusive Stream

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Today at Blessed Altar Zine we celebrate the return of the Italian black metal band HANDFUL OF HATE. In their twenty-six years history on stage, the band have release six full length albums. On 10 May band’s seventh album “Adversus” will hit the world to devastate human kind hopes. “Adversus” contains ten anthems of blasphemy, hate and quality musicianship, the album really represents another milestone in HANDFUL OF HATE impressive underground career. 

I had the pleasure to listen to the whole album in advance and I would say that the production, the compositions, the overall performance by Nicola, Aeternus and Andrea – everything in these 43 minutes of black metal misanthropy, just proves that HANDFUL OF HATE are in top notch form. These 26 years simply have left a solid mark of wisdom on the band in order they to deliver the present crushing new release – a black metal album without compromises.  

We have a special exclusive stream today just to wet the mouths and sharpen the appetite. Let’s have a blast of the opening track of “Adversus”“An Eagle Upon My Shield (Veteris Vestigia Flammae)”

…And make sure that on 10th of May you check the whole album, out in all formats, including limited gatefold vinyl, via Aural Music. 

Words by Count Vlad


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