Video Premiere: Dark Years From Now – Pyrophoric

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Today we have a special video premiere coming from Dark Years From Now. Band’s self-titled debut album was just released in March and it an interesting musical journey. DYFN’s music combines mix of industrial with melodic guitars and blackened vocals.

Vancouver BC’s DARK YEARS FROM NOW is a the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter.  The progressive power industrial is an intriguing combination especially when adding the typical black metal vocals. A lot of riffs, drawing apocalyptic scenes from a future utopian world, fill the eleven tracks on the debut album. Four out of those eleven tracks are instrumentals. Overall feeling for the listener is for a chaotic electronic existence into the Matrix, full of darkness, devastation and extremes. It is a sonic experiment in fires and helpless screams.

Dan comments on the video:

“The video is for the straight and to the point “Pyrophoric” which I chose as a great introduction to DYFN’s music as it is conventional and guitar driven.  Riffs and blackened vocals unite with scenes of burning buildings and destruction, the end result of rioting.  This otherwise “harmless” expulsion of pent-up human rage eventually escalates quickly into scenes of self-immolation and atomic bombs going off.  All the while each and every word is flashed across the scene in “crazy child scribbles” and “evil death metal font”.

I’m sure that the album will be appreciated by all the fans of late 90s metal + industrial/trance/techno/rave/dance collaborations and all the sci-fi movies and (shooter/auto) games’ soundtracks. Let’s watch Pyrophoric” NOW:


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