SLOW – IV – Mythologiæ (2019 Redux)

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Band: SLOW
Title: IV – Mythologiæ
Label: Code666
Release date: 25 January 2019
Country: Belgium
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

SLOW is a Belgian Atmospheric Funeral Doom band founded in 2007 by Déhà (We All Die (Laughing), Imber Luminis, Clouds, Cult of Erinyes, Merda Mundi, Vaer), just for playing dark atmospheric funeral doom. In 2017, Lore B (Ter Ziele) joined him. SLOW is an acronym and stands for Silence Lives Out/Over Whirlpool.

“IV – Mythologiæ” was originally recorded and released in 2015 and it has an ambient version too, released in 2016. Actually it is the fourth full-length album of the band, following 2014’s “III- Gaia” and coming before the highly acclaimed “V- Ocean”. In 2018 SLOW were considering to re-release “IV – Mythologiæ”. Unfortunately due to data lost, all voices and drums were rerecorded in 2018. This is how the brand new song “At the Break of Dawn” was composed and recorded in 2018 especially for this 2019 edition. It is the sixth track in the 2019 edition. On top now the production includes brand new artwork and a new mix and mastering by Déhà himself.

The album is now 73 minutes long with the new song added. The production is really fantastic, crisp, heavy, clear. The music…Oh the music! Superb, I would say. It is a deep journey way down into the dark infinite. “Mythologiæ” is slow, contemplative, atmospheric and ambient. It brings out experiences and moods. It is desperate, it crushes the small mind and soul with its heaviness. It is a slow procession in a grey lonely rainy day. It gets all the deep emotions and pain the fuck out of the slumber and just hits you with them. It is what the atmospheric funeral doom stands for. It is so emotional! Of course the listener should be in the absolute mood and condition to drown into this journey; the weather conditions certainly should be in line with the music too, in order the overall experience to hit solidly.

I must admit I enjoyed a lot the album. I do recommend it to all slow funeral heavy music lovers. Yes, it is not for everyone and every occasion… It is fantastic that I can constantly find such good and meaningful music in this genre. A music to move me, to make me stop for a while and think about all the eternal questions which stand without answers. A music that makes me understand the meaningless purpose of everything. And to drown deeper into this unbearable nightmare. There is no exit here. The life must end. Forever. 8/10 Count Vlad

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8/10  To Greatness and Glory!
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