IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2018

12 min read


CINDERELLA – Long Cold Winter (1988) – why? Because it embraces a Blues based 70’s Heavy Rock aesthetic. Far removed from the just as killer Glam Rock debut.



DARK THRONE – Hate Them (2003) – Why? Because it is an often ignored, massive underrated DT album in their discography. Like Plagueweilder, Sardonic Wrath and The Cult is Alive, it suffers from a 00’s metal community malaise.


EXCITER –  New Testament (2004) – why? Because I like the beefier production re-recording of some klassik Exciter staples! New vocalist of the time, Jacques Bélanger, also does some stellar work. So what if it contains nothing new. FTW!


diSEMBOWLMENT – Transcendence into the Peripheral (1993) – why? Because there is nothing else like it. Utterly ahead of their time. Only 3 people understood it at the time…Funeral Doom bands cite this a landmark, pioneering album for the genre that hardly existed at the time!


SEAR BLISS – Letters From The Edge (2018) – why? Because it was my No.1 album of 2018. Several late December listening sessions confirmed it!