IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2018

12 min read


Christmas is the main event of December, unless you are a metalhead wrapping your head around the many great releases of 2018, to make a top whatever list. This December was not different for me, wandering in more genres than my more typical month of the year. My most played list is more diverse than usual.  

TOP 5 (In no particular order):

REVOCATION – The Outer ones (USA)

Coloured by seeing them live for the first time in October, an amazing gig and a great record, so technically gifted it is mind-blowing.


SKAMBANKT – Rockefeller 09.03.18 (Norway)

Usually not a big fan of live albums. But I saw them 3 times on their tour in 2018, this record puts me back in the front row. Killer hard rock with punk roots.


OBLITERATION – Cenotaph Obscure (Norway)

The band that simply don’t make bad albums. Founded in 2001, their 4th album, Death Metal with an old school vibe. Touring extensively in 2019 I suspect – don’t miss out, I won’t!  


AUDN – Farvegir Fyndar (Iceland)

Black Metal masterpiece from 2017, still getting a lot of playtime. The atmosphere, the haunting melodies, overall a beautiful record.


GNAW BONE – Rotten Earth (USA)

The 3rd release from favorite doom/ sludge/ Black/ Death/ Rotten/ Noise a total of 6 minutes and 35 seconds of pure bliss.  As of writing there 9 copies left of the physical release on Bandcamp. Including a fragment of bone-infused record, what’s not to love?