IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2018

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THE KEY KEEPER’S TOP 5 ALBUMS played in December (in no particular order)

Another month and another year already gone. In December I listen to some records that I didn’t hear… It had been some time… Check them.

ELD – Primeval Vespers
2007 Antichristian  Front Records

This album played many times last month. Just pick it up from the shelf and put in on my stereo. I think it was the need to listen to some old and good Black Metal. ELD is from Norway and “Primeval Vespers” is the first demo of them. I don’t have the original one (2005 – Selfrelease), I have the 2007 reissue edition. To be honest I don’t know if they still exist since the last release is from 2011… Check them if don’t know them.


DARK RAVAGE – Fall of Inner Sanctum
2013, Forgotten Path Records

With this album was the first time that I became aware of this band. They are from Lithuania and they play Black Metal. DARK RAVAGE is one of the few bands that I know from this country. Luckily for me, till now what I found from this country is very very good.


HATE MANIFESTO – To Those Who Glorified Death
2017, Fistbang Records, Unholy Distro

I always loved the Greek scene. They have a unique way of doing things. Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal. Whatever they do it with their own touch. HATE MANIFESTO is no different. They play Black Death Metal but with the Greek feeling, and because of that I love it.


WORMLIGHT – Bloodfields
2016 Black Lion Records

WORMLIGHT are from Sweden and they play in this MCD Black Metal with Death Metal touches. Not a typical or traditional Black Metal release. It’s a mix and a well-done mix.


ALCOHOLIC RITES – Fermented in Hell
2013, Nyarlathotep Records

I remember the first time I heard this band. Was not with this album. I like it at that time and when this album was out I tried to get it. They do a mix of Thrash with Black Metal. Not bad at all. The retro attitude is all in this band.


The Key Keeper