Uten Håp – Life Obliteration

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Band: Uten Håp
Title: Life Obliteration
Label: Cult of Osiris
Release Date: 13 August 2018
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High quality digital promo

Another day. And the hope is still gone. Trapped into the vacuum between the unbearable existence and my own despair. It’s like running in circles in my own nightmares.

Here it comes again. Drowning. Crushing. I can’t even scream out loud. Pain, so much pain inside. Like a big black suffocating me all the time. The heavy bitterness in my throat is like soil, which doesn’t let me breathe. Tears. So much pain. The eyes and the heart are wandering for a safe escape. Meaningless. There is no hope, no even a blink for any exit – it’s a state of impossible reaching even to an end. Helpless. The anger, the sorrow, and the painful memories have all gone. Just blurred, but cutting you thorough, leaving place only to some kind of semi-existence full of dreadful dreams and forgotten, death wishes. The days are crushing me under their monotony of the unbearable burden. Days painted in all dark grey and black colors washed in tears.

Everything comes to an end – all life, all good, all bad. However, when will all THIS finish? Can it ever finish? Can you help me?

You may be willing to listen to Uten Håp new album “Life Obliteration” to transcend you into my darkest lonely desperate dominions and maybe feel what I feel. It is so good. So that you will be able to walk my cold path of sorrow for at least 49 minutes. Only if you can stand the burden of the heaviness and the monotony of the described despair. The rain. We can go together hand in hand, so I can have at least somebody next to me for a while. To go deep in the underground, where the guitars are so loud that you will hear them as that black noise from the depths of hell, taking over everything. Overtaking the drums completely, so there is no tempo, no clear rhythm during our abyssal drowning. Just deafening monotony coming from the cores of the roaring pain. And all those screams. Terrifying. You think they are screams by the many tortured souls, but they are mine screams.  You hear them as echos from the distance – they are all gathered and howling on my thorny road of life.

How do you like my personal semi-existence? Do you think there is an end for all this? A glass, a knife? Can you give me your smile? Just one time. And then kiss me good buy and shut the door after you leave…

7/10 Count Vlad

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7/10 Victory is possible
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