Firtan – Okeanos

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Band: Firtan
Title: Okeanos
Label: Art of Propaganda
Release Date: July 13th, 2018
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High quality digital promo

Okeanos is a word that has its etymological origin in the Greek vocabulary, designed to represent the vast immensity of the ocean. The mystery, the immensity and the humble configuration of a man to feel so small before so much majesty. Okeanos is a powerful word. Never better used to represent something magnanimous, since time immemorial, and now to title the new album of Firtan.4 years ago the world watched the birth of this German band with the release of the album Niedergang, where they could already see the first glimpses of a band with a lot of potentials, but what is demonstrated in this new plate is really worthy of admiration and emotion, not only for lovers of Pagan Black Metal, but for any lover of music. To say that this is Pagan Black metal is to fall short. The reality is that Firtan sounds like an amalgam of melodic elements, at times very progressive, with a number of nuances really very well elaborated and interpreted. A set of characteristics delivered with conviction and overwhelming force. Undoubtedly, the professionalism and the amount of essay and time of elaboration that they granted to their compositions are noted. The songs of “Okeanos” unfold frantically, at times, showing diverse and dramatic changes of rhythm, where sections of delicate arrangements come to the surface, with acoustic guitars or even violins that accentuate the diversity and originality of the structures. The lyrics, completely in German, deal with Nietzschean concepts, more than appropriate for music with such complexity. The sound aspect, as it could not be otherwise, is impeccable. The production is solid, terribly pristine and dynamic. We talk about the highest delivery and quality here. A lot of emphasis and dedication to achieve a complete and seamless product. Sincerely, I was really surprised by the mastery demonstrated by these young musicians and I dare to say that “Okeanos” is one of the best albums of Black Metal this year. Complex, elaborated, exquisitely made and with a very modern and original sound. An auditory pleasure of the highest caliber. We should make a separate mention for the wonderful cover art made by Denis Forkas (who has done covers for Behemoth, for example), where you can see the delicate strokes, characteristic of the artist, that shows a certain ambiguity of beauty imbued in violence and majesty. A really wonderful work, very in tune with the concept of the album. I recommend this album to any lover of Pagan Black Metal, and its most modern (post BMish), melodic and progressive side. I say goodbye, once again, and I remain watching the glorious immensity of this Ocean, stunned, dancing to the unison of the overwhelming force of the waves and breathing the saltpeter, elevating my spirit and becoming one with the earth, once again. 10/10. Sergio



10/10 Immortal Classic
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