Lumnos – Ancient Shadows of Saturn

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Band: Lumnos
Title: Ancient Shadows of Saturn
Label: Flowing Downward
Release Date: 12 February 2018
Country: Brazil
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Most recently I’ve been taken to several journeys through the stars by couple of bands, and Lumnos – the one-man band, kindly invited me to take another Cosmic voyage. This time the destination is Saturn –  the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter. The most typical feature of Saturn is the ring system surrounding the giant planet. This is the first paragraph from my tourist guide about Saturn.

However the main part in the guide is written by Lumnos and the journey can really become possible thanks to the great talent of Putrefactos – the main man behind the band, who is performing all the instruments. He receives interesting additional support when developing this record: lyrics by Saddy, B.M. – (black metal) vocals, mix, mastering; Unknown – clean vocals and additional synths in the “I’m born from the star” track. The album is produced by Nekkomix.

What is actually the “Ancient shadows of Saturn”? An epic, massive lo-fi, ambient black metal album combining cosmic, blackgaze, atmospheric black metal elements, in order to create the 51-minutes journey to the deepest Universe. Marvellous! As stated on the band’s page, the main idea of “Ancient shadows of Saturn” is to create a story around Saturn – since the beginning till a fatal end. “An ancient life born from a star longing in Saturn changing and elevating around. The primordial darkness was gone and ancient shadows of Saturn was set to conquer the entire galaxy”. All 5 tracks are deep, existential, airy and painful. Melancholic. Making us dream, yearn, crave, leaving us speechless. Because we are small parts of the infinity…

“Ancient shadows of Saturn” is an amazing escape of the reality. The album is for those moments when we all want to be alone, with no soul near. When we need to take a deep breath and try to answer all the existential questions for ourselves. It is for those nights when we just need to let go off the world, close our teary eyes and just sail away. For those moments when our thoughts wander almost in a dream in search for peace, but carrying the sorrow at heart. When words are just needless.

Oh hell, this Universal black lo-fi ambient journey is only for all the souls which can really feel it. 9/10 Count Vlad



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