Mesarthim – The Density Parameter

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Band: Mesarthim
Title: The Density Parameter
Label: Independent
Release Date: 3 April 2018
Country: Australia
Format reviewed: FLAC

According to Wikipedia, Gamma Arietis (γ Arietis, abbreviated Gamma Ari, γ Ari) is a binary star in the northern constellation of Aries. The two components are designated γ¹ Arietis and γ² Arietis, also named Mesarthim in the catalog of the star names. The combined apparent visual magnitude of the two stars is 3.86, which is readily visible to the naked eye and makes this the fourth-brightest member of Aries. Based upon an annual parallax shift of 19.88 milliseconds the distance to Gamma Arietis from the Sun is approximately 164 light years.

Again according to Wikipedia, the density parameter, Ω, is defined as the ratio of the actual (or observed) density ρ to the critical density ρc of the Friedmann universe. The relation between the actual density and the critical density determines the overall geometry of the universe; when they are equal, the geometry of the universe is flat (Euclidean). In earlier models, which did not include a cosmological constant term, critical density was initially defined as the watershed point between an expanding and a contracting Universe. In cosmology, the cosmological constant – Λ, is the value of the energy density of the vacuum of space. It was originally introduced by Albert Einstein in 1917 as an addition to his theory of general relativity to hold back gravity and achieve a static universe, which was the accepted view at the time.

Oh my!…

That said, it is obvious that the music of Mesarthim is expected to be glorious, extra intelligent, completely deep and cosmological. About Mesarthim member(s) there is no information, just : .  – vocals, and .  – other. The band rose on the metal star map in 2015 and so far has released three full length  albums (incl. “The Density Parameter”), five EPs, a single and a compilation. “The Density Parameter” is a 48  minutes of epochal  journey through stars and galaxies, encompassing the whole Universe, all black holes and constellations. Six tracks of cosmic atmospheric black metal with couple more ambient and industrial parts here and there; a Universal dream of outer worlds and existential absolutes. A feeling of a timeless time.

Compared to the previous records, this one is much slower, and this exactly contributes to the “density”, the huge depth of the record. With great synth black metal atmosphere and ambient feeling, slow industrial drum rhythm and sound, solid (black metal) riffs and of course the typical vocals, the album yearns to be experienced and felt. I won’t dissect each of the songs, no need to, no point to. It’s a music light-years from our pathetic existence. Still, my favourite tracks are “Transparency” and “Fragmenting”, although I listen to “The Density Parameter” from the start till the beginning and again, holding my breath, feeling so small, dreaming and gazing into the stars. Now it’s your turn to take this journey. Just play new Mesarthim record and drown into the infinity. 3, 2, 1 Liftoff! 9.5/10 Count Vlad


9.5/10 Epic Storm

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