Strangle Wire – The Dark Triad

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Band: Strangle Wire
Title: The Dark Triad
Label: Grindscene Records
Date: 23 March 2018
Country: Northern Ireland
Format reviewed: CD-quality digital

Strangle Wire are relatively a new four-piece band that began in 2017. With an earlier single release and now a new EP, they are pushing forth their predominately American influenced death metal to the world. Taking heavy influences of the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, this crisp and very punchy EP pounds out the songs to the listener. Hard-hitting snare hits ring out with heavy double kicks, accompanied by guttural style vocals and crunchy guitars going to varying fast and slow tempos with a fair sense of groove being present here and there as well. American influences can be heard for the most part through out this and even though this brand of death metal is not new by far, its how it’s done and presented that matters. The Dark Triad EP has a strong sense of traditional death metal which is certainly offered here in a fairly clear, straight forward package.

All together , this has a strong production presence and plenty of aggression but perhaps a bit more rawness or grittiness in the overall sound would push the boundaries a bit further. None the less, Strangle Wire present us with a solid beginning. 8/10 Wolven Deadsoul



8/10 To Greatness and glory!

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