Kosmogyr – Eviternity

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Band: Kosmogyr
Title: Eviternity
Label: Flowing Downward
Release Date: 9 March 2018
Country: International: Czech Republic/China
Format: FLAC

Many years passed since the second black metal wave flew the flag and was on the top everywhere with the classic albums released in the middle of the 90s. Since the end of this decade, there are really few albums per year in the black metal field which deserve attention and high praise. Some of the biggest names even turned to clowns, others disappeared in the sea of boredom. Oh well…

Yes, there are still real gems which prove that the genre isn’t just raw shredding, blasting and screams, with the usual satanic dull lyrics and circus’ performances…Certainly one of the black metal gems in 2018 is the new release by Kosmogyr – an international duo band: Ivan, an American living in Czech Republic, vocals and drums programming, and Xander Cheng from China – guitars and bass. “Eviternity” is their full-length debut album, although while listening I was about to say they have released at least 3-4 albums so far to be able to turn this one into such perfection.

The record consists of 9 fantastic black metal tracks, with a total running time of 52 minutes. It is really intense, furious. It was leaving me breathless when I listened to it again and again. The tracks are full of epic, captivating black metal patterns, amazing melodies and accompanying solos. Some interesting slow very pure atmospheric parts are presented within the tracks too. Drums programming is also fantastic – pulsating, devastating, diverse, with lots of double bass, blasts, and changes in tempo. Great vocals, no clean singing! Attention to detail can be spotted all along the entire playthrough of the album.

I hate comparisons but for the sake of giving some: Algaion meets Winterfylleth meets Drudkh meets Mgla meets The Abyss meets…Kosmogyr. At the end of the day “Eviternity” offers its own life and its own colossal presence on the black metal map in 2018.

After the mournful introduction “Sui Genreri”, comes “The Wane” – a raw black metal pattern track, in which the band only hints at what’s ahead. “The Quiescent” is very aggressive and tense, encompassing the best traditions of the northern scene. The title track “Eviternity” is a 7-minutes opus – magnificent, aggressive yet containing sensual riff melody and mesmerizing middle part. It is the first track where Kosmogyr fully demonstrates their full potential. “Frailty” is tall, epic, carrying the feeling of one man’s loss with that synth melody echoing from a distant childhood dream. “Refulgence” is an instrumental track of sensual acoustic passage, synth background and lead guitar solo ending very suddenly. “Iridescent” brings back the album on the black track with its pulsating tempo, slower parts of the chorus and lonely covering solos after. ‘Vision” is dreamy, airy, melodic and in the same time contains low devastating parts. The glorious finale of the journey comes with “Thalassic Lunacy” – proud, melodic, soaring and uplifting with often changing of rhythm, great solos and acoustic moments.

My remarks would be headed in the direction of sound and the dynamic range. Somehow I felt the sound bit flat and brickwalled more than necessary. At certain parts some of the instruments or vocals drown, the tempo and the riffs loose their diversity which leaves a feeling of overall similarity. Of course this harms the record.

That said, “Eviternity” is absolutely captivating, enjoyable and impactful record. It is very meaningful musically, as it builds intimate moods, deep emotions, and estranged sorrows, pilling them to grandiose atmospheric dimensions. Just need to hear it and feel all.

Black metal of its finest. 9/10 By Count Vlad

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9/10 Epic Storm

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