Morbosidad – Corona de Epidemia

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Band: Morbosidad
Title: Corona de Epidemia
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Release Date: 18 March 2018
Country: United States
Format reviewed: CD-quality digital

The atmosphere starts to smell like sulfur. The last days of humanity begin to become sickly.
The nauseating scarlet color of uneasiness invades our black hearts. Morbosidad is back. And there is no turning point. One of the most brutal and anti-Christian bands of Bestial Black Metal on the planet came back with a vengeance.
At this point, a classic band, with more than twenty years of activity (they have been active since the early 90’s), and which publishes albums every 4 or 5 years. Therefore, what we have in hand is a very unique event and a reason for celebration for lovers of one of the most visceral and implacable sub-genres of Black Metal.

“Corona de Epidemia” immerses us fully in a demonic and extremely blasphemous banquet, where the flourishes and any hint of melody and complex arrangements are left aside, ipso facto, to give rise to a tangle of ultra distorted power chords and relentless blast beats, which overfly the whole work with great aplomb, leaving a feeling of total exhaustion at the end. 
The tone achieved is lethal, caustic, and with a great old school flavor. Morbosidad leaves aside the insane cacophony of some more modern bands, like Revenge or Diocletian and, instead, they seem to be more in tune with the unhealthy atmospheres of bands like Bestial Warlust or the first Archgoat. We speak of true artisans in the art of creating small monoliths full of self-confidence and abundant filth, although with a multitude of discernible riffs and vocals (although they are entirely in Spanish, another unique feature of the band), even in the vortex and sound violence of their proposal. Honestly, that a band like Morbosidad continue to record albums as powerful as this is a clear indicator that the underground is going through a great moment today. And if we consider that it is a band that carries a history of really adverse circumstances, this is almost a miracle. (The band has a nefarious record of drummers who died in mysterious circumstances).

“Corona de Epidemia” is a very solid album, and very well recorded. A sonic assault of magnanimous proportions, which defies all logic and any hint of divine punishment. Without reinventing the genre or deviating too much from the established canons of the genre, the band more than meets its purpose and delivers just the material expected from them.
Very good album of Bestial Black Metal made with virulence and much emphasis on achieving a huge and terribly grimy sound. 8/10. Sergio



8/10 To Greatness and glory!

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