Communion “The Communion” + “At The Announcement”

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Band: Communion
Title: The Communion + At The Announcement
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Release Date: 26 January 2018
Country: Chile

Communion is a black metal band, born in the hell’s fire-hot nights of Santiago, Chile. With 10 years of stubborn devotion and hard work, Communion have reached their cult status among the South-American metal legions. Hells Headbangers set 26 January 2018 to be a memorable date. Two of the band’s albums have been simultaneously released on CD, vinyl and cassette. Their brand new effort “The Communion” along with the debut album – “At the Announcement” (released by Sinister Flame but distributed by Hells Headbangers).
First of all couple of words about the “At The Announcement”. The album was recorded from September 2014 to August 2017. The album contains 11 tracks. The total length of the album is just almost 28 min. With three intros inside, all songs are surprisingly short, especially compared to other contemporary acts. The tracks are blasting and hitting like firepower bullets offering servitude to the Dark one and bows to his secret rites. The album is rawer in comparison to their other newer recording. It suggests more dungeon sounding, ancient fury and more traditional influences (by some of the most distinguished artists in the genre dating from the 80s).

From other hand “The communion” is more confident and it is obvious that the band managed to master the wildfire. The album was recorded from January to August 2017. It contains 9 songs (two intros inside) with total time of 33 minutes of excitement. Definitely the Communion has found their signature sound as a band with this one on their way to glorify the occult forces, chaos and the great black beyond. Embracing the cruelty’s flames, the album really can be listened at one breath. It is explosive, carrying still some of classic roots inside along with the excellent contemporary compositions of fire worship and atheism crush. Being not completely sure, but a reference to the Massive Cauldron of Chaos could be a starting point for a direction. With both releases at once, the band irons their spells for a solid start of the year, offering witching fireworks for the die-hard community on South-American black metal. 7.5/10 Count Vlad