Rotheads “Sewer Fiends”

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Title: Sewer Fiends
Label: Memento Mori
Release Date: January 22, 2018
Country: Romania

Hailing from Romania and forming in 2014, Rotheads have an EP (Unfazed by Death) and of recent, a new full-length release titled Sewer Fiends. This seven track release features songs that range from a little over three minutes to up to almost eleven minutes in length. Hearing this band out for the first time and honestly listening to their new debut full-length many more times as well, I got more familiarized with Rotheads and their recent release. Sewer Fiends seems to utilize the classic styles and types of old school death metal and thrash combined with their added in dynamics, emphasizing on catchy rhythms, leads and harmonic soloing.

There is not only a sense of heaviness and familiar territory here but also an eerie atmosphere that is created out of that combination together. With prominently delayed and reverberated effects that hold sway in various leads and solos and are generally well heard in the mix, it tends to add to the dark and creepy story behind Sewer Fiends. This is especially demonstrated at the beginnings and through out parts in track 4 (Psychic Leech) and with the longest track on this, being track 6 (The Mad Oracle of Seweropolis) too. Overall, a certain crispy, clear sound presence is captured and while the rawness is present but not overly done either, it is more in the guitar tones and with the style of low to mid range growling vocals applied.

The bass tone here is fairly clean sounding yet it carries a lot of bottom end EQ, helping push the heaviness in the entire sound. While there are familiar styles and combinations that are present here, there are unique ways upon how all this is put together too which makes it stand out. Is this for better or worse or a preference thing on what a person wants more or less of…? Possibly, yet opinions and preferences can always differ of course but to me if it works, if it draws you in and provides that sense of darkness you long for, then so be it! 8.5/10 Wolven Deadsoul