Hellish God “The Evil Emanations”

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Band: Hellish God
Title: The Evil Emanations
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Release Date: January 8, 2018
Country: Italy

Hailing from Italy, Hellish God began in 2015. They have a previous EP titled, “Impure Spiritual Forces” from 2016 and now a new full length for 2018 titled, “The Evil Emanations.”
This release comes across as an older style of death metal with a modern production which has some American influences of the likes of older Deicide but also in relation to the styles of death metal like Krisiun and Sinister do as well. With a strong approach and fast changing guitar riffing and their use of speed picking, to crunchy palm muting, to choppy fast chord strikes, to swift harmonic screeching solos that appear here and there and added mid range growly vocals with occasional demonic screams ringing out, all these things combined together enforce this style of death metal that Hellish God are doing here.

The militant-like drumming combines variations, from building up the intensity like at the beginning of the track called, “Qlipoth” or with small bursts of fast beats with quick drum rolls hitting in sequences, to occasional mid-paced traditional drumming parts reflecting on the older school styles or where all is going full out in total speed and aggression, pounding away and letting this raging occult inspired beast out of its domain upon us all.

“The Evil Emanations” is an intense angry and brutal offering making its stand in the long line of many death metal bands of today. Originality is never an easy task for anyone as like most bands Hellish God has its influences for certain. However, the difference is if something is more convincing or believable in its approach, then that’s what makes it stand out compared to others and I believe Hellish God are doing just that! 8/10 Wolven Deadsoul



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