Boethiah “Invocation of the Xenolith”

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Band: Boethiah
Title: Invocation of the Xenolith
Label: Independent
Release Date: January 12, 2018
Country: U.S.A.

Boethiah began in 2012 and have taken their name in reference from the Elder Scrolls fantasy game from a violent warrior demon who enjoys battle and conflict. They have two previous Eps (Agents of Dawn (2014) & Boethiah (2017)) and now a new 2018 full length titled, “Invocation of the Xenolith”.  Upon listening to this new independent release, there is the apparent old school death metal influence of the prime early 1990’s sound that leans hard into the Swedish styles resembling old Entombed & Dismember that is very evident here.

Combining heaviness, simplicity and melody while featuring the classic ripping buzz saw guitars with heavy chords, complimented with eerie melodic harmonies and occasional solos followed by deep growling vocals which remain on a heavy tone for the most part through out and of course with the solid organic drumming keeping all together very nicely. This release seems to capture the best of both worlds with not only the raw sounds of the instruments themselves but also with the overall production which is very audible with all instruments including the vocals having their distinct place that comes through very well with a sense of clarity despite the nature of this type of heavy death metal that Boethiah are doing.

Even though its hard not to say that this release is on the band wagon of the old school revival in relation to Swedish death metal worship of the 1990’s, it certainly captures the best from that era bringing it into a modern production sound that is quite comparable to up to date signed band releases and if not better than some already out there too. 9/10 Wolven Deadsoul