Savage Annihilation “Quand S’abaisse La Croix Du Blasphème”

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Band: Savage Annihilation
Title: Quand S’abaisse La Croix Du Blasphème
Label: Xenokorp
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Country: France

Hearing these new blasphemous hymns, this album is both heavy and consistent overall and is led predominately by mid-range eq’d guitars of a sizzling serrated sound. Using fast speed picking rhythms with harmonious leads, to breaking into slow chugging-catchy riffs of an American like style and sustaining doomy chords similar to Incantation’s sound of death metal, this is backed by a tight trebly bass attacking with quick fills. The kick drums rarely take a break, thundering away keeping all in tact as the snare hammers down with a natural but solid sound that fits well and maintains its consistency through out. The aggressive nature of the monstrous demonic like vocals of a low to mid guttural range fire out, carrying the words of darkness and blasphemy of this story to be told. There is even a dark operatic outro featuring female vocals and acoustic guitars concluding all in a moment of sorrow and to reminisce of all that has been heard. Savage Annihilation bring death metal back to a time where catchiness and heaviness still matters while keeping the old school influences combined with brutality alive and well! 9/10 By
Wolven Deadsoul