Thy Serpent’s Cult “Supremacy Of Chaos”

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Band: Thy Serpent’s Cult
Title: Supremacy Of Chaos
Label: Ordo MCM
Release Date: October 23, 2017
Country: Chile

Well … The name of the band was not strange when I received this promo, but from where I thought … Hmmm … Until the moment I started this review I could not remember. I had to search the net. AhAhAhAh !!! (But I discovered: p) Well … Let’s get down to business. What do we have here? Death Metal from Chile. Final point and paragraph and finished the review. AhAhAhAH. I’m kidding. Yes, we have a Death Metal facing Old School. At its best. From the chords used in the elaboration of riffs, to the passages of the same riffs, mastering, etc. everything that reminded me of the good years, the beginning of Death Metal, especially (and here I have to say), to the sound coming from Tampa, Florida and they range from Morbid Angel to Deicide. From the first song to the last song, it made me remember, especially Morbid Angel. However it still reminded me in some parts the Brazilian Krisiun. The sound of the guitars, the sound of the bass guitar that is heard and is very good, the “dry” sound of the snare drum and the rest of the drums and even the voice remembers the sound of that time. Very good. I can tell you that I loved listening to this album, not only because of what it reminded me of but especially because of the musical quality they were able to demonstrate. I strongly recommend this album to all Death Metal lovers. It’s really worth it. Unfortunately the band after this album or before the album and here I could not find out, but it no longer exists. 8/10 The Key Keeper