Blindeath “Reborn from the Shadows”

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Band: Blindeath
Title: Reborn from the Shadows
Label: Independent
Date date:
June 6th, 2016
Country: Chile
“Reborn from the Shadows,” is a debut release from Chile’s Blindeath. This four song EP brings out the elements of thrash with traits of death metal too, from crunchy sounding-palm muted guitar playing, to alternating triplet picking and fast single note speed picking, along with using catchy power chords rhythms in parts too. This all flows to a combination of mid paced drum patterns and break downs of older thrash styles and at times blast beats are also present that sound in the traditional death metal sense as well. Vocally, we have both mid range growls and higher mid range screams which together push forth the aggression. One can hear the variations within this as there are both Euro and American influences present here. With the use of rhythmic harmonies and some scattered melodic solos added in a few of the songs, to harmonic pinches applied to grooving riffs at times, this shows the varying elements of the writing here.
8/10 By Wolven Deadsoul


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