Carnalis Amatoria – Forgive Me Father, I Am Sin!

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Band: Carnalis Amatoria
Title: Forgive Me Father, I Am Sin!
Label: Independent
Release date:  March  15th,  2024
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Recording 

Carnalis Amatoria is more than a band. It’s a complete expression of art, including music, lyrics, vocals, artwork, imagery, the message that is given to the listener… The person behind this project is Liliana, who had in mind to do instrumental stuff at first, but after contacting Hellcommander Vargblod she realized he was the perfect vocalist and lyricist for her music, exactly what she wanted. So, here you are: it seems that Carnalis Amatoria works perfectly as the union of two amazing musicians, like two lovers would be united in a sexual act with lust and passion.

Ah but I’m talking about music, of course. It’s only that some lyrics in this album are really explicit, and about sex, lust, pleasure, pain, death… and there’s an underlying anti-religious message in some of the songs, which is the result of some personal experiences of Liliana. It’s an interesting cover letter, for me…

This lustful journey starts with “Desecration”, a six-minute track with plenty of varied stuff in it. You can listen to some choral chants in the beginning, but far from being celestial, there’s some kind of creepy background sound, and this makes the chant uncomfortable. Then, all of a sudden a guitar and drums start playing in a crushing way, that’s an overwhelming change. Fully Black Metal at this point. I’m really amazed by these first two minutes of the EP, I didn’t see that coming. There’s something really unsettling when the musical aggression suddenly stops and there’s a piano playing some notes, but with that subtle sound in the rear of the melody. Even more disturbing is the Our Father prayer that someone is declaming in Italian language with a distorted voice. Heavy instrumentation returns again and I must say it’s a very pleasant and intense change. A few more chants lead us to the end of this track.

The second song, “On the Cross”, starts at full throttle with blasting drums and wicked riffs, and when vocals unleash… Oh my. These are like demonic vocalizations, only a few words are said here and there: “Tie me… Nail me… Rape me…”. Hellcommander seems possessed, or maybe an evil demon himself. Really don’t know if there’s a difference… Riffs are totally fitting, a few piano notes add a bit more devilry sound, and when a guitar solo rips the stuffed air in the middle of the song it’s just like a bit of a renovation. All through this track there’s a subtle but noticeable background made of anguished screams and it turns out to be disturbing, and I really like it ‘cause that’s what this album is about. Not to please everyone nor conform with the established rules, but to awake some dormant souls. To sow some provocation.

“Her Love Eternal” comes next and this is a very well detailed story about a woman going to her beloved’s grave and, by a sort of lustful enchantment, having sex with him, just returned from the realms of death; and she being dragged to the underworld by her dead lover… Lyrics are really explicit, and Hellcommander alternates Black Metal vocals with some more clean voices. The result is awesome. And Liliana, wow, I’m still impressed that she plays ALL the instruments in this album! This song has a bit more melodic approach, though some sections are pure darkness and evil, and the sound then turns into a colder tone. The union between music and vocals is perfect, evil, when Liliana unleashes her feet in the double bass pedal, Hellcommander is arriving at the climax… in the song. 

Next one, “Forgive me Father, I am Sin!” starts with high speed and a wicked sound. This is a statement against established society, lies and manipulation. Against the church’s creed and its hypocrisy. In favor of showing oneself as you are, in favor of embracing freedom as a way of living. The piano notes trace some intriguing musical sound over the predominant drums pace, and the guitar and bass work are simply massive. Lead guitar plays like crazy here! And again, Hellcommander shines with his wicked vocal performance. 

And thus we arrive at the closing theme in this EP. This is the re-issue of the 4 track album that was released last year, and this one is the new song that has been added. “Of Dreams and Twisted Reality” starts with a bit of “intriguing” guitar and bass playing, and when Hellcommander starts with his speech, it seems like he’s waking up from a nightmare… dark, estrangled, burdened, showing discomfort… like the lyrics are. But then, after a while, you can notice something “triumphant” is coming. It’s not that the tremolo riff becomes of a cheerful kind, but it sounds optimistic. I mean… It seems like music is crawling towards something big, and when it explodes, it’s a relief. Finding solace in darkness, the triumph of evil. Towards the end, the voice sounds cleaner and that passage is damn beautiful and melodic, along with the music. The tremolo tone is driving me crazy, it fulfills my head. And in the end, of course, reality prevails… or was it all a dream? Should we succumb to our inner and dark desires?

Something dark and beautiful has been unleashed with this EP and there’s no turning back. I’m still vibing with all this. 9/10  Sílvia



9/10 Epic Storm
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