#LostInGrey Odyssey Into The Grey

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Band: Lost In Grey – A Tribute To Heavy Metal
Title: Odyssey into the Grey
Country: Finland
Release Date: 05 April 2024
Label: El Puerto Records
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

A Journey of Transcendence: Lost in Grey‘s Odyssey into the Grey.

Join me on an epic musical odyssey with Lost in Grey‘s fourth album, “Odyssey into the Grey” From captivating melodies and powerful vocals, each track invites you on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. Exploring themes of hope, transformation and the human experience, masterfully connected in a fascinating blend of theatrical metal, haunting beauty and profound storytelling, Lost in Grey calls us together on a moving adventure into the depths of the unknown. Get ready to get lost in the grey and discover the transversal – and the extraordinary that lies inside each of us” by Elyna Steel

Welcome to a new adventure. Today we bring you news from Finland, the land of metal. This is Lost in Grey‘s 4th album Odyssey into the Grey, to be released on April 5, 2024.

Founded in 2013 by composer, vocalist and keyboardist Harri Koskela (ex-Thaurorod) along with lyricist and vocalist Anne Lill Rajala, Lost in Grey initially began as a short-term project but quickly grew into a full-fledged band. Current nomenclature is as follows: Harri Koskela performs as Patrick, handling vocals and keyboards. Anne Lill takes on the role of Lillian, in vocals. Emily Leone contributes vocals and plays the violin as Odessa. Aapo Lindberg plays bass as The Ancient. Miika Haavisto and Jarno Suodenjoki are on guitars as Immanuel and Morass, respectively. Teppo Ristola completes the lineup on drums as Waara.

Inspired by a range of musical genres, literature, philosophy and the world itself, Lost in Grey‘s music is a testament to their multifaceted approach and penchant for infusing drama into their compositions and live performances, being the pioneers of what we call Theatrical Metal. After three albums: “The Great Realms” (2017), “The Waste Land” (2019) and “Under The Surface” (2021), they have returned with a stunning new album called Odyssey into the Grey”, the best of their entire career where each member displays their impressive talent and whose synchronicity and reliability are at a higher level, allowing them to give life to an epic masterpiece.

The opening ride is “The Entourage” lasting for 07:11’ and featuring the amazing Andi Kravljaca (Niburu Ordeal, Nergard, ex Thaurorod) as “The Aviator” in this track.

The story feels like it is unfolding in two separate worlds at once. On one side, it talks about feeling tired of always playing the same role—the lost soul—that many of us can relate to. It also touches on taking on someone else’s pain and moving forward without looking back, like carrying someone else’s troubles. Our minds sometimes trick us into feeling hopeless, making it seem like we’re in a game where nobody ever wins. But even during all this confusion, a voice reminds us of some important truths: Nobody’s perfect, and many people are a little crazy, but no matter what, life goes on- so does the show. On the other side, the story could reflect the band itself, every time the curtain rises – the video clip for this song fits perfectly with this idea, we see all the members preparing to go on stage and play once more until the last curtain falls. With all this, the song invites us to think about our place in the world and the roles we play in it. Brilliant!

The composition is a 4/4 time signature and a tempo that varies between slow and mid, with magical progressions.

The only word that comes to my mind with the first sounds is: ¡ASTONISHING! It gives you the sensation of a shadow speaking in the darkness, like sinister radio waves being captured by an ancient device, enhanced by the provocative keyboard, creating a sinisterly charming atmosphere.  After this, the intermezzo, before the first stanzas. The melody is so catchy that gives the sensation of being on a carriage, andante, then getting slower and entering powerful drum beats and majestic vocalizations. Anne Lill enters singing the first lines, heartfeltly playing the role of Lilian, like a sweet lady making a claim. Then is the turn of Emily…What a wonderful voice she has! Elegant, of the classic operatic type, with a vibrato that simply delights. The interplay between the two feminine voices is engaging, vivid, and perfect.

The chorus changes the general tone and vibe, becoming happier. Here, Emily and Harri Koskela sing together. Three voices merge, the previous two, plus that of Harri Koskela. This addition, along with the rhythmic base in a walking tempo and the atmospheric keyboard effects amplifies the sensation of a party on stage. Immediately following, the choral trio separates; on the one hand, the women vocalize in the background. Harri takes the spotlight, delivering guttural singing reminiscent of Old School Black Metal, akin to the style of Mayhem.

The subsequent stanzas witness Emily and Harri engaging in interplay. She brings beauty and nostalgia, while he adds a sinister and appealing touch, alternating between growling and recitation. Then, a lovely children’s chorus accompanies Emily. Following this, a fourth voice becomes very familiar to me. The amazing Andi Kravljaca enters, performing “The Aviator”, adding a mysterious tension to this portion of the track.

From this point onward, we proceed to the final chorus, majestic, lively, and so catchy that it embeds itself into your mind. It concludes with Harri growling while the vocal duet accompanies in the background, before all voices join together in the last seconds, propelling you directly into the stratosphere. A sweet piano bids farewell, fading slowly and concluding this marvellous journey. AMAZING TRACK!

Track 2 is “The Bottomless Pit” enduring 07:52’. This track was the last single to be released by the band. It also encounters a catchy video clip on YouTube where Anne Lill dances to the rhythm of the music and where the voice of Emily Leone stands out. This video is a complete blast since it has more than 18k views in two weeks. Well done, guys!

How many times can one trip over the same stone? How many times can others deceive you with the same story? The world is a stage of falsehoods and trickery. Throughout life, we’re deceived numerous times, and when we realize we’ve believed the lie, our hearts fill with pain, anger, and despair, along with other dark emotions, which only worsen unless we accept it and move on. However, there’s a lesson to be learned, in my humble opinion: the first time we’re deceived, it’s a mistake. But if others deceive us again with the same story, it’s no longer a mistake, but a choice. Thought-provoking lyrics!

This impressive composition carries a 4/4 time signature, maintaining a mid-tempo pace. It kicks off with acoustic guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and a majestic vocal chorus that immerses you in a fresh and slightly dark vibe. Gradually, the drums come into play, building anticipation until they reach a wonderful interlude before the first verse and chorus of the song. In this interlude, the keyboard takes centre stage at first, followed by the return of the voices blending with the strong rhythmic base, evoking a sense of elegant nostalgia. I’m fascinated by the captivating energy of this interlude; it’s chilling.

The initial verses are theatrical and enticing, featuring a dialogue between Odessa (performed by Emily Leone) and Lillian (performed by Anne Lill). The vibrant legatos create an operatic essence, reminiscent of an old 19th-century theatre, yet maintaining a modern touch thanks to the majestic rhythmic base. The subsequent brief section leads to another interlude, offering a change in tempo and evolving into a majestic bridge, with a three-voice choir, powerful rhythmic base, keyboards, and catchy riffs.

The chorus is electrifying, with all three voices together creating an overwhelming effect, and where Emily’s attractive voice impresses – and gives me chills all over my body, to be honest. The vibrant drums add depth to the melody of this section which is so catchy that it even makes you want to dance – perhaps around a tree; it’s contagious, making your feet and head move to the rhythm.

Following this exhilarating chorus are syncopated bridges, featuring various melodic textures and rhythms, accompanied by multiple choir vocalizations in the background. The feeling here is magical; it’s as if you can fly in those voices. After this section, we transition to a part where the guitar takes the lead, delivering magical riffs and slides. The three-voice chorus continues to vocalise beautifully, leading to the final chorus, where the drums intensify their pulse, leaving you breathless! The song concludes with an acoustic guitar, keyboards, and sweet three-voice vocalizations, creating a sense of farewell and tranquillity. Epic!

What a ride, guys! it’s undoubtedly one of my favourites!

“Time” is track 3, enduring for 08:51’.
The story underlaid this track revolves around time. Time…a strange concept. For some it is relative, for others, it is an illusion and for others may be a blessing or a condemnation. However it is interpreted, there is one indisputable fact about it and that is that its passage is inevitable and so are its effects. Everything changes. We are born, we grow, we develop – although many do not – we wither and then die, the final destiny for all. Time has a large part of the responsibility in this infinite cycle. The passage of time involves pressure to achievements, to reach goals, and to fulfil ourselves as people, but it moves so quickly that it often comes after our steps, and passes by us without us barely noticing it. It’s like a spell that no one can escape. The final moral is this: time is inevitable, relentless and never guaranteed, so we must live, ¡LIVE! every moment as if it were our last breath, we must allow ourselves to be who we feel we are, to be authentic because our time is short and no one is equal to anyone else, therefore each act of life is unique and unrepeatable, it is like an infinite play where we enter and exit and where the characters change every second. And unless we leave a trace of our passage here -bigger or smaller- we will pass into oblivion. This lyric hits me personally guys. Thanks for reminding me to live!

What can be said about this type of song apart from “Moving”? You need to listen to this track if you want direct travel to the best times of Symphonic and Theatrical metal stages from the old days. It is fantastic! At slow to mid-tempo and in a 4/4 time signature, it begins with lovely vocal harmonies and magical keyboards in the background. The vocals performing staccato–legato and drum pulses immediately afterwards are electrifying and give pace to the first verses. Emily’s vocals provide a mysterious and disquieting vibe here while the piano enhances the sensation even more. Then we heard “The Aviator” with a distorted voice, adding devilish vibes. The pre-chorus is impactful. The voices sound like an old multi-choir, raising the pitch and making the female voices shine in a wonderful explosion that sends you to the heavens. Then we get the choir, where Anne, Emily and the choir impress with their interpretive quality, adding tempo shiftings in the first portion of the chorus, and slowering the following ones, which add dynamism to the song. The rhythmic base impacts by enhancing every element here.

 Time passes, but for me, it stopped when listening to this incredible section.

 Then comes a second verse where Patrik takes center stage, in a low tone, while the keyboard in the background shines like a tiny light amidst the overall dark tonality of the melody. After this, Emily joins Patrik in a celestial duet that sends chills down your spine. And after this… The heavens—or hell—open. The change in the pulse of the drums to a fast Black Metal style is a real edge-of-your-seat experience as if you are at the theatre watching this amazing performance. The final chorus slows the pace in the first half, flowing smoothly, and then the pace accelerates to super-fast again. The backing vocals rising in tone give you goosebumps! The pace pattern repeats one more time before the end of the track, without drums, just the voices and the atmospheric keyboard, to finish with a cappella chorus. Doubtlessly an impeccable ending to a wonderful track!

“Two Wolves” is placed 4th lasting for 05:25’. It is a 4/4 time structure, Nordic-Folk instrumental song at mid-tempo, with female perfect galdr singing and a brief speech of “The Aviator”– Andi Kravljaca here, by the final minutes of the track, to our pleasure.

It kicks off with the sound of a river, drums in the background and atmospheric keyboards. Then enter the acoustic guitars and violins afterwards creating an aura of captivating mysticism. This Sonic pattern remains consistent until a wonderful symphonic bridge and then a beautiful melody with sounds of flutes, triangles and piano. Truly, this part of the song made your hair stand on end because of how beautiful it sounds. Andi enters speaking, along with the drum that marks the pace, that accelerates. His speech is brief but heartfelt, you do believe in his words! The last part is enchanting, a pace marking, duet vocalizations, and the piano in the background takes your hand till the final paces, with a capella drums. Adorable.

The two wolves here are a metaphor for the duality of men – Good and Evil, coexisting deep inside us -. The river is never static, it always changes, every second, and with each drop that flows through it it goes in an infinite flow – although if we refer strictly to the water cycle, we can say that it is an infinite cycle where, at some point in the future, those drops of water will pass through the same place in that river again, although we are not sure if it will be in the same place or in the same way. Well, I guess this idea of mine is clear, ¿isn’t it? Now, the river and people are similar: they always change (they are supposed to), that is to say, even if you see the same face every day, the being inside has always the possibility of a continuous flow, in constant change. Whether this change is for better or worse depends on what nourishes it – those two inner wolves that we all have inside, the one that lives is the one we choose to feed. A wonderful metaphor for a beautiful song.

Continuing with this, we find track 5, “A New Dawn”. This is a majestic 4/4, slow-tempo soulful ballad that runs for 05:56’. Ann and Emily’s voices remind me of the beginnings of 90’s symphonic, atmospheric metal, of the adorable Liv Kristine in Theater of Tragedy and the wonderful Kari Rueslatten in The Third and The Mortal. It also evokes a lot of the heartbreaking and emotional sound of Therion in its early days. Guys, this ballad will make your hair stand on end and your heart will tighten with emotion, I guarantee it.

It starts literally as an explosion where the rhythmic base with powerful pulses added to melancholic riffs and the keyboard full of nuances and feeling touch your heartstrings. The first lines bring us Odessa (Emily) singing melancholy, like a heartfelt whisper coming straight from a torn soul. This woman’s vocal quality is impressive, I must say, I love it. Then we hear both Anne and Emily (Lillian and Odessa) and the result is overwhelming, I feel my skin crawl while I listen to and write these lines. I find Therion here, it is nostalgic and magical.

 After this, however, again, I return to the arms of Lost in Grey, to its charming characteristic theatrical melody. Anne then sings alone. ¡Oh, Anne! Her velvety voice stands out in the rhythmic base, the keyboard seems to adorn it. This woman caresses you when she sings, it feels so soft, almost like the touch of a small, warm breeze coming through the cracks of your window, amazing. Then Emily joins Anne and the result is beautiful. Then Patrick takes the stage for a moment, performing evil guttural singing that provides the essence of the Doom Metal of the old days. The polyphonic chorus that accompanies it is overwhelming and dramatic. Then a roll, a brief cut and then the final explosion: spectacular voices, atmosphere, and intense pulses that resemble a heart about to burst, the experience is simply majestic, it touches the soul.

 What a wonderful song, one of the best of the genre I’ve ever heard!

The obstacles that life brings us, the greatness of recognizing one’s mistakes with humility, and the desire for internal peace are the themes that this wonderful masterpiece touches on. It tells us about facing life with resilience, knowing that no matter how difficult our situation is, we can always have hope for a new beginning, for a new dawn. While there is life, there is hope. Thanks for reminding me again, guys!

Track number 6 is “Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind” – “Who Can Sail Without Wind” running for 07:09’. The story beautifully expresses how people can stay strong when faced with tough times, showing that having friends by your side is important. It also talks about how life has its ups and downs, but that’s just part of the journey we all go through. A children’s choir here enhances the idea of understanding the importance of having true friends, and companions in this odyssey into the grey called Life.

It begins with delicate traverse flutes and crystalline sounds and then converges with an imposing polyphonic melody that looks like a waltz with sinister touches, full of nuances, where the guitars and the violins join the atmospheric keyboard and the rhythmic base in a convergence that recalls the best of Dimmu Borgir, with a touch of elegance. After this, there is a shift in the pulse. Then we find a violin solo exploding, like a stream of blood, with harmonic the keyboards, piano and a cymbal that marks give the step to the first stanzas performed in Swedish by Lillian (Anne) and a children’s choir, sad. It reminds me of a group of children leaving a concentration camp, singing songs of hope to face the horror of the past and the uncertain future. Emily and Patrik sing in duet with a powerful melody behind them, creating a sound scene that gives you chills. Special mention for the drums, intense, smashing. Then it is Lillian and Odessa (Anne and Emily) who sing a duet, and it seems as if it were the same person with two personalities. These ladies complement each other perfectly! Then we heard the children again singing with Anne and those impressive drums.

After this, we reach a solo guitar, ¡but man oh man! That drums! Those incredible drums enhance every portion of this song…of all the 8 songs on this album. Drum boy, you are awesome!

The guitar solo explodes, like a stream of blood, with harmonic riffs and slides full of heartbreaking but beautiful notes that leave you speechless. After the solo, the previous vocal pattern is repeated, although guttural tints are heard at the base, then a semi-whisper and then fully enter the final chorus, with harmonic voices and guttural singing, accompanied by the wonderful Black Metal drums, to then give an incredible closing where the children and Anne can be heard and it seems that you can see her hand in hand with the little ones leaving towards freedom. This piece is overwhelming guys. Pay close attention because surely more than one of you is going to shed a tear here and there. Precious!

“Hailuoto” is track 7, running for 06:47’. The title refers to a Finnish island in the Northern Baltic Sea, the largest island in Bothnian Bay. This track encounters a video clip on YouTube. Sober, without great effects or bombast, just Harri, Emily and Anne. Just Harri and Anne in the immensity of the cold landscape of by Southern Finland and despite this, it is a beautiful video. As incredible as it may seem for those who love the sun and heat, it gives me a sweet sensation of cold and nostalgic calm, of peace, that peace that can only be found in the solitude of an isolated landscape, with the soft and cold breeze caressing your face, facing the eternal sea.

The song’s lyrics, originally in Finnish, were translated into English and shared on the band’s Facebook page to reach a broader audience—Good move, guys!

The lyrics narrate an introspective journey, reflecting on the vast, frozen ocean with nostalgia, struggle, and restlessness. The search for solace and stability seems endless, mirroring the elusive peaceful harbour long sought after. The salty wind and distant calls evoke the dreams of those unfulfilled in life, feeling lost beneath the waves of a merciless ocean.

Life, circumstances or our minds often deceive us, preventing belief in our dreams and ourselves. Adversity’s waves can crush us, but there is always hope, embodied by a soft, angelic voice on the distant shore. Life’s eternal cycles, like the waves, are worth experiencing fully. Such lovely lyrics!

The composition is an emotional, acoustic ballad at a slow tempo in a 4/4 time signature. The starting sounds are an acoustic guitar, played by Harri, violins played by Emily, a piano and a drum in the background- reminiscent of “The Islander”, but at a slower pace and way more nostalgic, in my humble opinion.

Then Anne enters singing in a low-range voice, representing Lillian, the character of this story. By the way, what a velvety voice does Anne showcases here, alike an angelic lullaby!

I felt chills while writing this review when listening to her. The atmosphere created by the keyboard adds a tone of brightness and sadness, like a cold winter day where the sun shines for a moment and hides behind white clouds that let in some of its light but not its heat.

The melody and the voice flow so soft, so touchy, so freezing and also so fresh that I could feel a breeze caressing my face in this portion at the end of the first stanza – Anne’s voice, rising up and down in the pitch, singing a slight whispered voice is simply delightful, without grandiloquence, without raising the tone spectacularly or forcing any operatic note, but with the soft texture of her deep and smooth voice.

The chorus is as charming and emotional as the stanzas. There is a three-voice harmony, Emily, Harri and Anne Lill if my hearing does not fail me, brilliant violins and a drum that resembles the beat of a heart longing for better days – perhaps, for someone absent and missed.

After the chorus, there’s a part that mirrors the beginning, featuring the violins as the main focus. Their haunting melody sends shivers down my spine, evoking a feeling of both comforting chill and melancholy.

This structure remains stable for the remainder of the song. By the end, Anne sings the final lines, the drums stop and the violins, guitar and piano keep sounding in sombre and melancholic tones until the last note, thus closing this poignant ballad.

And closing this memorable saga, track 8 is Odyssey into the Grey which gives the name to the album, enduring for 11:00’- it feels way shorter though.

The story behind this incredible composition is a moving reminder of the power of self-discovery and empowerment. It encourages us to accept challenges with courage and to work hard to overcome them and thus be able to create new versions of ourselves, better, more evolved, and thus be able to grasp and discover the purpose of our existence, which is individual but has an impact on the collective. So, guys, don’t forget that to change the world, first, we must look inside ourselves, turn on the internal light – the Expecto Patronum within all human beings – evolve, heal, and forgive so that we can extend that light to the world and in this way help create a kind reality for everyone.

The composition is in a 4/4 time signature with a fast tempo. It starts with a dark keyboard sound and a piano. Then rhythmic base, powerful guitars, harmonic voices in the background, and an atmospheric keyboard full of energy. The first lines mark a change in tempo. Patrik and Odessa sing interspersed in an elegant and romantic duet. Then Patrik and the polyphonic voices in the background give way to the chorus where Emily shines alongside the chorus of voices. Then, a wonderful instrumental section, in the style of an impressive soundtrack, makes way for Anne and Emily. After this, a brief but majestic power metal-style guitar solo makes way for the next chorus, similar to the previous one and a bridge, which marks a complete change in the theme.

A magical keyboard, sounds of flutes, symphony, and again a beautiful voice I know from before, “The Aviator”, Andi Kravjlaca there? A heartfelt monologue that resembles the narrator of a fairy tale at bedtime, brings calm and peace to the delicious maelstrom that the composition brought up to that point. Marvellous!

After this, there is a new change in the essence of the song, it seems closer to Anette Olzon’s modern metal, without losing the symphonic touch in the background thanks to the thunderous drums and the wonderful lyrical voice that is heard there. This incredible journey ends with the choir singing softly and the keyboard in the background creating an ethereal atmosphere, it seems that you feel the breeze from the sky, it is like floating among the clouds and seeing how the light touches your face, with the sound of a guitar fading softly. Guys, this final journey is epic and sublime!

In conclusion, the fourth album by the powerful Lost in Grey “Odyssey into the Grey” is a wonderful musical journey in which various metal forces converge and were its dramatic sound delights – they are considered the pioneer of Theatrical Metal and, in light of what I have been able to appreciate, the best in the genre.

The album’s transversal message about inner strength, hope and the transformative power of self-awareness is inspiring and is a reminder for us to face life’s challenges with courage, to seek personal growth and thus learn to treat ourselves well. ourselves and others, promoting the kindness that is so needed in this world full of masks.

Each song explores topics of self-discovery, resilience, and the human experience and encourages us to reflect on our own journey through this often complex scenario called Life. From the haunting melody of “The Entourage”, through the moving “A New Dawn” and the ethereal and delicate beauty of “Hailuoto”, Odyssey into the Grey shows the mastery, versatility and overwhelming creativity of the band led by Harri Koskela, for whom I have great affection since he was part of Thaurorod, one of the bands that I met recently but that became an essential part of the soundtrack of my life, and in this project he shows that in addition to being an incredible keyboardist, he is an exceptional musician in every sense. Great job Harri!

Furthermore, the wonderful alternation of different singing styles – and wonderful voices – the intricate and spectacular rhythmic bases laying the foundations for the deployment of dreamlike, dark, and at the same time hopeful sounds create a captivating atmosphere that will keep you attentive and amazed throughout the entire journey into the Grey.

“Odyssey into the Grey” is not just an album; It is a journey of the soul, an odyssey that invites us to a deep exploration of our human experience. With its captivating narrative, exquisite melodies and heartfelt performances, Lost in Grey has brought to life an epic masterpiece that transcends time, space, form and genre and is sure to impress you as much as it did me. Therefore, I am pleased to rank this incredible album: 10/10 Elyna Steel



10/10 Immortal Classic
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