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Band: Night People – A Tribute To Heavy Metal
Title: Night People
Country: Finland
Release Date: 21 March 2024
Label: Independent
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

“Night People – A Heavy Metal Tribute: Embracing the Immortal Spirit of Heavy Metal Anthems”

“Night People – A tribute to heavy metal and their first cover single “Night People”– Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of heavy metal classics with the help of this impressive Finnish band led by the man of a thousand voices, Mikael Salo, who together with distinguished music masters give new energy to the classic song “Night People” by remembered maestro Ronnie James Dio, promising an unforgettable journey for metal enthusiasts around the world. Join the brotherhood and experience the brilliance of Night People’s performance – A Tribute To Heavy Metal” by Elyna Steel

Night People – A Heavy Metal Tribute emerges as a promising new Finnish band dedicated to honouring the expansive realm of heavy metal and its most important bands. The lineup boasts Mikael Salo on vocals (formerly of Dyecrest and Metal De Facto), Juha Kupiainen (from De Lirium’s Order) and Vesa Nupponen (also from De Lirium’s Order and formerly of Excalion) on guitars, Juho Jokimies (of Blame Me and Where’s My Bible) on bass, Oskar Ketola (from Kick The Giant) on keyboards, and Make Lievonen (from Kenziner) on drums.

The song has a lyrics video created by my compatriot, the Chilean maestro David Olivares. The logo and artwork design was carried out by Atso Kukkavuori. The production was handled by Juha Kupiainen and Mikael Salo is the executive producer.

The band’s debut single shares the same title as the band itself: “Night People.” Originally featured as the opening track on Dio’s 1987 album “Dream Evil,” this song holds significance as an introduction to both the band and their musical style.

 Along with the release of this impressive single, the band announced their first live performance, on the horizon for April 26th at the “Hard Rock House” venue in Helsinki’s Roihuvuori neighborhood, Finland. For those fortunate enough to reside in the vicinity, don’t let this opportunity pass you by! And to those who do attend, please capture plenty of photos to share with us on the opposite side of the planet.

The lyrics behind “Night People” explore the magnetic pull of the night, immersing us in topics of darkness, neon hypnotism and the camaraderie shared between those enchanted by the nocturnal realm. Through its portrait of innocence versus experience, the impermanence of promises and social changes, the song paints a vivid picture of the multifaceted nature of human existence inside the magic of the night and the allure of its darkness.

This song is in a 4/4 time signature, at a fast tempo, running for 03:53’. The first keyboard sounds give the path to the first riffs, together with the captivating rhythmic base, faster and lower than the original one, warming up the engines for the first verses. Enters Mikael Salo…surprising, impressive, and never disappointing! The imposing chorus makes the call of yesteryear to the brotherhood of the night, the Night People! and the feeling of strange and dark energy stands out, thanks to the tone and Mikael’s impressive rendition. After the second chorus, we arrive at the wonderful guitar solo enduring almost a minute. Impeccable execution, sweep pickings, slides alternating speed and delighting the senses. After this, we are approaching the end of the song. The seductive chorus, the call to the People of the Night, then the guitar solo and riffs and the devastating rhythmic base take us by the hand and lift us to heaven. Mikael closes his spectacular performance with a thunderous last high note that left me with boiling adrenaline and wanting more of these guys!

In terms of vocals, Mikael Salo more than manages to capture the essence and soul of the master. To be honest, the atmosphere that Mikael created left me speechless. His characteristic growling voice – which personally fascinates me! – is captivatingly evil in this track, a malignancy that manages to convey the feeling of the lover of the night portrayed in the lyrics. Mikael personifies in his voice the evil shadows that live in the darkness of the night, like a bestial vampire that transforms with its bite. Without a doubt, Mikael is the authentic heir of maestro Ronnie James Dio. I always say this since I met Mikael Salo: Dio is too proud to have a disciple of this level, and I am sure that if he were still alive he would have wanted to work with Mikael in my humble opinion.

When it comes to the members of the band, Juha, Vesa, Juho, Oskar, and Make are nothing short of exceptional. They form a top-tier brotherhood, possessing a synergy and camaraderie that big bands would undoubtedly envy. The thunderous sound of their guitars is not just powerful but also groove-filled, capturing the essence of heavy metal with every riff. Meanwhile, the rhythmic base provided by the bass and drums is simply relentless, demolishing everything in its path and providing a solid foundation for the composition. Moreover, the subtle yet prominent keyboard adds another layer of depth, uniting all the elements and creating the perfect atmosphere to summon the brotherhood of the night. Together, these musicians showcase their talent and dedication, elevating Night People’s performances to new heights.

Musically, this impressive cover takes on a faster tempo- catering more to my affinity for power metal, yet it is pure heavy metal- and a deeper tone compared to the original track. Furthermore, the acceleration in tempo brings freshness, renewal and modernity to an immortal classic of classics. Additionally, the expert mixing by Jussi Kraft and mastering by Jaakko Viitalahde contribute to a remarkably clear and fluid sound, elevating the raw power of the vocals and resulting in a true work of art. Honestly, I am in love with the rendition and essence of these guys! In fact, and by saying this I risk being sued, I think this version is as good or even better than the original. Ok, stone me and feel free to disagree, but that’s my honest opinion, period.

In short, Night People – A Heavy Metal Tribute emerges as a renewed force in the Finnish music scene, honouring the legacy of the best heavy metal. Led by the commanding voice of Mikael Salo and backed by the exceptional talents of Juha, Vesa, Juho, Oskar and Make, the band delivers a world-class sonic experience that is heartfelt, honest, and brilliant. Their interpretation of Maestro Dio’s classic, “Night People” injects it with new vitality and modern sound while respecting the original essence and making it closer to the new generations of metalheads around the world, all the ones that love heavy metal! Expertly produced and unique in its perspective, its cover prides itself on standing alongside, if not above, the original. Whether you’re a devout metal enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting musical journey, Night People – A Heavy Metal Tribute promises to deliver.

So you all, Night People, keep your ears tuned for the next epic covers of these extraordinary musicians’ brotherhood and delight in the impressive voice of the Finnish giant of a thousand voices, the incredible Mikael Salo.

Therefore, it’s a pride to rate this first cover: 10/10 Elyna

Mikael Salo

Night People – A Heavy Metal Tribute

10/10 Immortal Classic
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