#Anaria “Legends Never Die” for #METALMOMENTUM

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Band: Anaria
Single: Legends Never Die (cover from League of Legends song)
Release date: 23 February 2024
Country: USA
Label: Independent

Anaria is an American metal/rock band formed in 2012, with 3 albums recorded so far. The current line-up is Jessica Mercy on vocals, Dan Spinney, and Sergio Salvucci on guitars. Drums and keyboards are guest musicians.

Today we will dig into the single “Legends Never Die”, released on February 23, 2024. This is a cover from “Legends Never Die” a song by the American pop/rock band Against The Current, released on September 24, 2017, exclusively for the League of Legends World Championship, an Esport tournament carried out that year.

The song is a 4/4 composition at a slow tempo. It has an embracing structure, sturdy sound and an alluring atmosphere.

Musically, the song has a cinematic, intense and silvery sound quality. The rhythmic base is powerful and captivating, with intense drums. The guitars perform elegant riffs that perfectly synchronize with the vocal lines and beats, creating an almost hypnotic effect.

Regarding its structure, the song immediately launches into a catchy chorus with an opening keyboard, making it a unique “starting chorus” song, which is uncommon. The vocal lines in both the verses and chorus are fluid, rising and falling in pitch like a gentle roller coaster. Despite this, the power of the vocals remains consistent throughout. The stanzas alternate in tone and number of vocal lines between single and choral vocals, while the chorus is composed of three voices, with Jessica leading the charge. Her voice is powerful, expressive and alluring.

The bridge in the song is truly remarkable. It starts slowly with rhythmic cinematic keyboards and Jessica’s sweet singing, but then becomes elegantly violent and charming. A drum roll follows, blowing minds, along with a pair of voices that lead into the last chorus, which is consistent with the previous ones. The song ends with a portion similar to the bridge, making for a beautiful closing to a spectacular single.

The message of the song is “Legends never die”, reflecting that those who struggle to overcome adversity and those who pursue their dreams should remember that phrase like a mantra. When you are at a crossroads, when you feel that what you do is not enough, that your value is in doubt or that you will not be able to fulfill your dreams, quiet your mind and listen to the call – your inner strength that comes from your heart and screams at you: “you are a legend, and legends never die.”

Direct, beautiful, powerful lyric.

There are no great aspects that I can criticize in this song, the overall work is just awesome and highly recommended for those who like bands like Amaranthe and voices like Anette Olzon, with a more metal sound. Maybe no delay effect on vocals would give even more robustness to the already impressive sound. Apart from that, no more criticism.

Although I am not accustomed to this genre of music, I must say I really loved this track!

Therefore, I rate the single “Legends Never Die” by Anaria: 8.5 /10 by Elyna Steel


8.5 /10: To Greatness and Glory”
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