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Band: Vimbulnatt
Title: Septem Novem
Label: TeufelsZeug Records
Release date:  22 March 2023
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

This is my first contribution to the new section in the zine, Metal Chronicles, in which we can review an album that was released maximum one year ago up to the date of publishing the article. Well, having this opportunity is an open door to infinite possibilities: as if we didn’t have enough with new releases, boom!, we can review any album we want from last year. What a challenge!

And I decided to start with Vimbulnatt and their album “Septem Novem” from March last year. I chose this one simply because, in case YOU who are reading this right now, still haven’t listened to it, well… this is my recommendation to do that. It’s not that Vimbulnatt brings something new to the table, but this album is very good Black Metal.

So, let me start with the overall sound. The production is not clean, and I really like it better than some crystal clear modern BM. An important thing you can notice from the beginning is the atmosphere; it’s something mixing cold and fury, like a mortal grip. These feelings are maintained throughout the album, or at least for me. And I love when music speaks to me so clearly, in terms of ambience. 

“Ahnenweg” is a very good opener, the initial tremolo riff is like a freezing chill running through my body. And very soon the song explodes. Drums are revealed as thunderous, with a fast pace most of the time. If the intention was to obtain an overwhelming sound, that goal was achieved. Vocals have some kind of effect in order to sound more evil, more dark, and I like the result. That first riff is repeated all along the song like an evil mantra; there’s a great guitar work here, they are in perfect harmony to create an oppressive atmosphere.

Vocally… Well, it’s all about sounding brutal, sinister, extremely dark… Most of the time, the voice sounds like animal growls, savage and brute. In “Rattenkönig”, you’ll be wondering which kind of beast is in charge of the microphone, ‘cause those evil sounds are no way coming out of a human throat!

Speed is a constant in this album. Apart from a few sections in some songs, drums are always playing fast tempos, bringing a bestial sound to your ears. It’s like, that drummer got an overdose of caffeine just before grabbing his sticks and starting to smash his kit. I can’t hide my admiration for this. Plus, drums sound a bit louder than the rest of instruments, the constant pounding and blasting marks the pace, and you can’t ignore it. That tempo takes control of me and even if evil riffs sound in the background, when lead guitar is thrown at the front I can’t help but feel chills.

Bass is always adding a great amount of depth to the overall sound. At times it’s like a vibrating pulse, other times it’s the envelope that allows the other instruments to grow and do their thing… I mean, its sound is always there creating a thick and intense layer of dark sound.

“Consolamentum” is the longest track in the album, 5’30 minutes of Black Metal greatness, drums constantly blasting hard and lead guitar playing an overwhelming crazy/technical solo. And there’s place for a break, an acoustic guitar playing a short and chilling part just before the song turns into pure madness. 

“Alles oder Nichts” (“All or Nothing”) is, in my opinion, a perfect end to this album, where the dark atmosphere wraps you in a cold embrace for more than 4 minutes, with massive guitar riffs ending along with a brief acoustic passage… Brilliant.

I have no idea who the guys in Vimbulnatt are, or if this is a one man band, or… Nothing. There’s no information about this, it’s like a mystery… I remember their previous album from three years ago, “Metamorphosis”, like a brutal display of Black Metal, totally overwhelming. And I wasn’t expecting less in their latest release. If you skipped this album from last year and you love Black Metal, I advise you to go for it! For me it’s 9,5/10   Sílvia


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9,5/10 Epic Storm

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