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Hello there,

Today I wrote some lines about one band and only one band. A band from Turkey.
The band is Ash Magick

Band: Ash Magick
Label: Independent
Country: Turkey
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

This young band featuring two persons is in fact a two-woman-black metal band and everything started in 2022, when two Black Metal lovers decided to work together…

VII-th: Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
VI-th: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming (Crawling, Hellish, Pseudocommandö, NeolithicNihilism)

What these two Black Metal Ladies bring to us, is nothing that I can call a superb Black Metal release, but it’s different and they see Black Metal in a different way.

It can be traditional but at the same time a bit strange, but still, with quality.

The themes used by these two Ladies are about Anti Islam, Magick, Witchcraft, Death, and Darkness.
Nothing new here to be honest, many bands already did it, but… At least this band can’t be accused of Islamophobia or accused of other things… Anyway… Moving forward.

I started to listen to this band when the first release was made in May of last year and caught my attention, because of the band Crawling. In the end of the last year, these two Ladies released another work.

This last one, named “Âl​â​m” can be more traditional and less different. But still has the touch of the first release.

It is a young band, but they know what they are doing and they do good music. At least in my humble opinion.

Give a chance to these two ladies and check out the music.


See you next week and…

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