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NEW video clip from JUST HEROES (“Heroes” out from homonymous EP)

With influences from classic Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica, Just Heroes brings in their compositions lyrics that tackle themes of struggle, perseverance, and overcoming. Their music combines elements of traditional Heavy Metal with a more modern touch, creating a unique and captivating sound

The band’s lineup consists of experienced and talented musicians, each bringing their own influence and style to the compositions. Flavio Souza is responsible for the powerful guitar riffs that guarantee a heavy and distinctive sound. Mr. Machine takes charge of the vocals, bringing his powerful and captivating voice to the songs. Marcus Castellani (Manowar former) takes on the drums, adding rhythm and intensity to the tracks. Fabio Cavalcante Gomes is responsible for the bass, providing a solid and powerful foundation and Renato Mattar completes the lineup with his guitar-playing skills.  

With only one year of formation, Just Heroes have already released an EP titled “HEROES”. The work has received great reviews and has been well-received by Heavy Metal fans. The band continues to work on new compositions and prepares to release their first full-length album.  

With their contagious energy and passion for music, Just Heroes is ready to conquer the World Heavy Metal audience. Their authentic and powerful sound will certainly make them stand out in the scene, becoming a reference in the genre. Heavy Metal fans can expect great things from the band in the future, with catchy songs and energetic and memorable live performances.


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