#Horrifier Horrid Resurrection

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Band: Horrifier
Title: Horrid Resurrection
Label: Personal Records
Release date:  15 December 2023
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

What to say about an album with a cool artwork as “Horrid Resurrection”, and sounding incredibly good, in the vein of Old School Death Metal? Oh only good things, of course. Hailing from Norway, these 4 guys have made an album that could perfectly have been released a few decades ago, if it wasn’t for the good and clean production.

Let me introduce you the musicians behind Horrifier:
Adrian Risøy – guitars, vocals
Sander Halvorsen – guitars
Andreas Langås – drums, backing vocals
Erik Krokan – bass

It turns out that Andreas Langås also plays drums in the Norwegian Black Metal band Blodkarsk, it’s good to see musicians involved in different kinds of stuff, and connections between bands.

As I said before, this album delivers Death Metal that is true and honest to its primitive roots. With a sound that will give goosebumps to all who worship the Old School sound, the young band Horrifier brings hellish sounds to the listeners ears, and there’s not a weak track in this album. “Chainsaw Death” is a killer starter, the lyrics have no waste either, you are immersed in a nightmare built with horror and gore… woah, this trip seems very promising… And, pay attention to the lead guitar! 

While drums go from blast beats to more quiet paces, and making a great use of bass pedals, the songs are filled with riffs and more riffs, and vocals do a great work, with the perfect raspiness and veiled in obscurity. I’m glad to listen to the bass, I always enjoy very good audible bass lines and not being buried in the final mix.  And when it’s time for a lead guitar exhibition, let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed at all: solos are fast, emulating a bit of chaos but being played with high skills.

Lyrics talking about horror, death, insanity, living dead, human butcheries… Well, this is Death Metal! This is the realm of gore. You are not safe anymore, the moment you start assimilating these lyrics in your brain there’s no turning back from becoming an addict. You want more blood, more defleshed bodies, more rotting flesh… And you have more, as the album progresses. 

What I really like about “Horrid Resurrection” is that it’s been produced with a clean sound, no need to recreate the poor production even if the music is old school, it’s ok to have good music quality. This way we can appreciate even more the skilled work of the musicians. 

Personally, I’ve found myself enjoying this album a lot. From the outstanding drum patterns, to the infectious riffs, and the vocalist delivering a great set of rotten chants. A pleasant surprise coming from a young band. 8/10  Sílvia




8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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