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Void Wanderer Productions, in conspiracy with War Productions, is proud to present STUPOROUS’ striking debut album, Asylum’s Lament.

Stupurous is a Dutch/Belgian black-doom band with members from the infamous Zwotte Kring collective. With a history in black metal going back to the ’90’s, and a deep interest in doom metal, the idea for Stupurous was born. 

Stupurous is the brainchild of Floris Velthuis, who had previously flirted with blackened doom with his non-orthodox black metal band Meslamtaea. Trumpeter Izzy Op de Beeck, who’s also part of Meslamtaea, plays in various jazz-noir projects. Doom, therefore, is familiar territory to him, and he adds a special dark jazz vibe to the music. With singer Devi, who works in psychiatry, the formation is complete. 

Stupurous‘ lyrics are about mental disorders and depression, based on true events in the psychiatric facility. Devi’s vocals, at times schizophrenic, are making the listener identify with the suffering persons that the music is about. Traditional grunts and screams are interspersed with clean vocals. 

The band’s first public recording, Asylum’s Lament sounds heavy, nostalgic, and melancholic – dreamlike, but not a pleasant dream, as the listener is drowning into a mental nightmare maelstrom…

Preorder info can be found HERE and HERE

Floris Velthuis – guitar, bass, drums, synths (Meslamtaea, Schavot, The Color of Rain, Asgrauw)
Devi Hisgen – vocals (Teitan, The Color of Rain, Cthuluminati)
Izzy Op de Beeck – horn (Meslamtaea, Waveshard, Detour Doom Ensemble, Avatar BE)

Release notes
Stuporous – recording
Floris Velthuis – mixing
Devi Hisgen – mastering
Gordiart – artwork


Label – Void Wanderer Productions
Official Website

Label – War Productions
Official Website

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