#Revulsed Cerebral Contamination

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Band: Revulsed
Title: Cerebral Contamination
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Release date: 15 December 2023
Country: Australia
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Embarking on an eight-year hiatus, Australian Brutal Death Metal Revulsed, emerges from the shadows to unleash a storm of new, unorthodox sounds, best described as an auditory assault of pure SAVAGERY! Getting inspiration from iconic predecessors like Suffocation, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse, their latest album launches the listener into a hellscape mental image, shrouded in darkness.

Peeling back the layers of the band’s history reveals an important chapter etched in brutality—the release of their debut album, “Infernal Atrocity” (2015), on vinyl. This occasion left a big mark on the label, serving as a brutal testament to the partnership forged by Jayson Sherlock and Sheldon D’Costa in the wake of Paramaecium’s dissolution in 2010. After a period of dormancy, the resurrection occurred when Everlasting Spew Records unleashed the vinyl edition of “Infernal Atrocity” in the spring of 2019, providing the groundwork for the birth of their latest opus, “Cerebral Contamination”. While the departure of Mark Smith and Sheldon D’Costa may have shifted the lineup, Damien and Jayson remain fearless, promising an unshifting onslaught of pure brutality.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of this musical vortex!

The opening track, “Dawn Of Inhuman Savagery”, serves as a gateway to an auditory inferno, teleporting the listener into the very caverns of hell. Extraterrestrial echoes sip through the ears, intertwining with a distorted guitar that rises and falls, encouraging the audience to descend further into the abyss constructed by this haunting composition. Growling vocals, reminiscent of a Hellhound’s haunting howls, further intensify the infernal experience, adding an eerie and otherworldly dimension.

“Equitable Sufferance”, the second track, ignites a non-ignoring urge to rise and conquer, driven by the relentless speed of chugging guitars harmonizing with a pulsating bass and well attended drums—a rare and very welcomed change in this sub-genre. The vocals maintain their gruesome intensity, serving as an unrelenting force capable of instilling fear even in the most devout priests.

While solos being a rare sight in the Brutal Death Metal realm, the album introduces them with subtle finesse, offering a distinguished flavor without interrupting the flow of the central spotlight. The third

The track, “Asomatous Existence”, may halt in terms of originality, and the next song “Delusional Servitude” tries to break free from the mold by accelerating the tempo. However, by the fifth track, “Beyond The Depths Of The Subconscious”, the focus is on the bass, injecting a refreshing vibe, akin to Death’s classic “The Sound Of Perseverance.”

As the album unfolds, the repetitiveness still lingers, particularly in tracks like “Inconceivable Hallucinations”. Despite this recurrence, the ninth track stands out with a commendable solo, elevating the overall appeal. The tenth track, “Deistic Repudiation”, emerges as a personal favorite, as Revulsed embraces experimentation, marking a commendable escape from the familiar sound structure.

In summation, “Cerebral Contamination” proves its mettle as a commendable effort, a testament to Revulsed‘s audacious venture beyond the conventional boundaries of their genre. While not without its imperfections, the album’s merits shine through, warranting a respectable 7/10 Andrei



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