#ShortOnes CXXXVIII #UndergroundRecos

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Hello there,

Today I decided to do something different, about one LP that I have in my private collection and, yes original pressing, was bought that time with a few “escudos” (The old coin name in my country before the Euro) I had that time.
Instead of talking about future releases or recent releases I heard during this week, I decided to talk about one single album that “marked” a lot of my life. An album that originally was released in 1989 but only in 1990, I had the chance to listen to. Was the 90s, things were not so fast to arrive to us. Tape trading was my internet at that time, news I read newspapers, Information on historical things or other themes was not called Google, the true name was Library. Anyway… Returning to the release. I was in LOVE with it and until today is my favorite album from the band, even if the album released after the one I’m talking about, is a very damn good album too. But… I’m talking about… Well, scroll down a bit and you will see and listen to. Eh eh eh.

Today I’m saying in my name, Happy 2024.

See you next week.

The Key Keeper 666

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