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Eldfaerd – I Sjöormens Skugga – (Folk Metal/Symphonic Metal)
FFO: Månegarm, Amon Amarth and Insomnium.

It’s the final stream of the year of 2023. What did I decide to share with you? Well, the Swedish band Eldfaerd. I heard the single and really did enjoy it. Like it says on the promo that I got, the above bands are the influences of the band. The quality? Well, in my humble opinion is damn good and to be honest, is a band that I want to listen to a future album. Hope you enjoy it. TKK666

Eldfaerd is a Swedish band that hails from Östersund in the Northland. The band comprises members from Myrah and Shikaka, and they welcome you on a journey through old Norse sagas and other folktales. Their music is filled with mythical beasts, creatures, and great adventures that are told in their own unique ways with heavy guitars, symphonic might, thunderous drums, and emotional voices. If you’re a fan of Norse mythology, Eldfaerd’s music is sure to transport you to a different world.

Eldfaerd is
Kvasth – Vocals, Growl and Throat Singing
Gorm – Guitars
Glød – Bass & Vocals
Erik – Drums and Orchestration
Fýr – Guitar

Recording of Eldfaerd by Freija Henriksson Ahlström
Smoke assistant Malte Einebrant
Recording of Eldfaerd at Andersön by Glød and Kvasth
Recording of Eldfaerd in the night with fire by Birgitta Hassfjärd
Cutting by Kvasth Production by @kvasthproduction
Music composed by Erik
Vocal arrangement by Kvasth
Lyrics by Anna-Karin E. Henriksson and Kvasth
Mixing & mastering by Christofer Swahn at Worship Nothing Studios

Logo design by Skulldive

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