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Ukrainian band COLOTH has released its first single and music video for ‘Tuman Yarom,’ a fresh interpretation of a Ukrainian folk song.

Says the band:
“This song was sung by our parents and their parents.
It sounded where we come from and where our hearts find peace.
The combination of sadness and romance, inscribed in the hue of nature, gives a unique mood of Ukrainian folk songs.

Tuman Yarom in COLOTH’s interpretation acquires a strikingly new style and sound and is supplemented with new harmonies.”

Ukrainian music is a timeless phenomenon.
The compositions that have passed the test of time will find a response in every heart that harbors something Ukrainian. The artists of the past have left behind a worthy legacy.
A song that has become a ballad is a trace in the universe, enduring even when the author’s name is forgotten.
COLOTH aims to remind the world, in a new way, of compositions that evoke strong emotions in us.
Unexpected stylistic variations will help old songs get a new listener.


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