#Noitila Langennut

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Band: Noitila
Title: Langennut
Label: Nordvis Produktion
Release date:  20 October 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Starting an album with a song named “Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren” (which means “We sow the blood of angels in the rain”, according to Google translator) can give us a hint of what Noitila’s music is about. Or, what is NOT about… Aaah, you guessed it: nothing soft nor delicate will come to your ears by listening to this album.

Yes, Noitila (Witches Bay) is a Finnish Black Metal band and their music is energic, relentless, cold, haunting… and it has a thing I love: a great bass work. Listening to the bass lines in that opener song gives me goosebumps, I can’t help it. “This is going to be great”, I told myself… and, believe me, it is!

Not only the bass, but all the musicians do a fantastic work in this album. Oh and it’s just their debut… the thing is, I can’t find any information of who the musicians are in Noitila, but it seems they are not newcomers, because of the quality of their music. Sounds damn good! 

Vocals are also an outstanding aspect along “Langennut” album (Fallen);  raspy, savage, mainly screaming his guts out (and leaving my blood all frozen), the man doing this has a vast range, he can even do high pitched screams like at the beginning of “Kadotuksen liekki” (“Flame of Perdition”), woooh! His screams can become more deep, and I love his versatility.

Riffs, riffs and more icy riffs, you’ll find a lot in this album. This is another thing that has me spellbound since the first listen. I don’t know if there are just two guitars playing or there are more layers recorded, my ear isn’t that good, but the sound is massive, filling every space with mastery… Oh and,  what about some acoustic guitar? Yeah, also this! Third song, “Noitilaan”, contains an acoustic passage in the middle, seasoned with whispered words and an eerie chorus, and the sound of icy winds, to make it still better…  besides very good changing drum patterns, simply fantastic! This song ends with the acoustic guitar and frosty wind again, the icing on the cake.

The song “Langennut”, ahh… It sounds ferocious, strong, haunting… The vocalist is “bringing out all he has inside”, as we say in my country, meaning that he does a brilliant performance here. Damn, starting with a brutal and evil scream, and he has the “beast mode” on! The opener tremolo riff is stuck in my head, thank you guys for this earworm! I love it. What more can I say? 

And still three more songs to go, wow, the journey isn’t still over! In “Ikuisuuteen tuomittu” (“Condemned to eternity”), I can’t help but focus on these outstanding bass lines, and the use of some keys gives the song that “something extra” thing. “Ruumis” (“Corpse”) is the shortest track of the album, and its mid-tempo is a very good contrast with the rest of the songs. Though, you can expect some sonic mayhem at the end… And “Tähtien takaa” (“Behind the Stars”) is around 5 minutes, an  instrumental piece just using synths, depicting a surreal landscape, maybe from another world, even from another life…

This is a great album of Finnish Black Metal, for me it’s 9,5/10  Sílvia 



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9,5/10 Epic Storm
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