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Nameless Grave Records is excited to announce the release of Helms Deep’s devastating debut album, Treacherous Ways, on CD and a special limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies on classic black wax, with exciting diehard options for both formats! Helms Deep was formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Alex Sciortino to channel his love of classic heavy metal and is rounded out by the thunderous bass playing and backup vocals of John Gallagher (Raven) as well as by the meticulous drumming and songwriting of Mike Heller (Raven, Malignancy).

Across 11 tracks of old-school heavy and power metal devastation, Treacherous Ways shows Helms Deep both as the rabid adherents to the old school and as the amazing modern musicians that they are- high octave screams, ripping guitar riffs, devastating drum fills and melodic and enigmatic bass lines create something that’s as unique as it is catchy and nostalgic. With a classic painting from the legendary Michael Whelan gracing the album’s cover and organic studio production from Lasse Lammert (Sigh, Glacier, Raven), Helms Deep have brought the spirit of the old back with a vengeance on this excellent debut show of force.

Diehard sets are strictly limited to 50 copies of each format, including a CD or LP, a woven patch, and a flag measuring approximately 2.3′ x 3′ (70 cm by 93 cm). The diehard set is ONLY available from the label webstore or from the Helms Deep Bandcamp page! There will be international distribution for the normal editions of each format.

Highly recommended for fans of Attacker, Liege Lord, and Nasty Savage.  



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