#Kalmo Dominus Meus

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Band: Kalmo
Title: Dominus Meus
Label: Independent
Release Date: 20 October 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Within the depths of the Finnish forest, where the shadows cling to every whisper of the wind and the ancient lakes bear silent witness to the mysteries of the land, a malevolent presence known as Kalmo has been brooding in solitude for two long years, crafting a sinister new offering… “Dominus Meus”.

“Dominus Meus”, is the second EP release for the unique one-man band and is a haunting musical odyssey that features three new tracks in a raw, twisted, unholy fusion of doom and black metal.

The EP opens with a gritty overture, “Touching the Sun”, which hurls forth powerful gnarled riffs with the pace and inexorable force akin to the unstoppable and crushing momentum of a dark ancient glacier. This lumbering, regimented rhythm is accented by low guttural vocals that tell a tale of man’s longing for an immortal existence, the life-giving powers of the sun, and the inescapable eternal darkness that awaits us all. These deeply profound themes entwine with the frigid, raw soundscape to create a truly moving and visceral doom metal experience.

Just as you feel yourself nearing the brink of the endless abyss, track two “Be Wary of the Dead”, lashes out at you and tears you back to the horrors of existence. This rhythmic upswing is ushered in by a menacing riff that demands your attention and sharpens your senses. The bestial growling that follows contains a warning for those who foolishly dare to tread too near to the resting places of the dead. There is an interplay of tempos here that perfectly align with the themes of the lyrics to create truly tormenting, tense, and suspense-filled moments throughout.

The finale is a masterpiece of dark doom and also the title track of the EP. “Dominus Meus” is a bass-heavy serenade and is gloriously gloomy with memorable bluesy riffs and captivating lyrics about a character who pleads for validation from his “Master”. These ongoing appeals to a higher being partner with the repetitious, lumbering tempo that seemingly grinds and wears you down into submission to brilliant effect. This captivating tune has been swirling around in my memory for days now, “Master tell me what are the words to say”. So deliciously infectious!

The three tracks of “Dominus Meus” intertwine to create a dark repertoire that draws upon the very essence of life, death, power and chaos. With the release of this new EP Kalmo exhibits a maturation of his blackened doom sound, proving once again why he exists in this space without equal!

10/10 Proua Metallist



10/10 Immortal Classic 
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