#CrypticDoom Lost Souls

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Band: CrypticDoom
Title: Lost Souls
Label: Independent
Release date: 29 August 2023
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Sometimes I jump on my “listen to” list and look for different things, different music outside my comfort zone, outside the music style that means something to me. So I saw the band, remembered the promo email I got, remembered the DM on Instagram from the ban, and decided to check the band. I thought this would be a challenge. Why?

They mix a music style that I simply put on the side and I don’t listen to. It doesn’t “say” anything to me, and is too much “jump jump” music like I heard once.

But, to say if I like or not this band, I have to listen to it, and I think that everyone should do it, not fair to bands or labels, to say “No”, “No way”, or “I don’t like that band cause they play that music style, that is crap”, “I don’t like that shit music”, etc etc. The options are too many to mention here. In my opinion, Is better to say, “I don’t identify myself with that music style”, “I don’t know the band, maybe I will listen to them, but that music style doesn’t grab my attention”, etc etc.

Is the way we say things…

Anyway… Let me start to talk about the EP from this Swedish band…

Things started well to be honest. A mix of Symphonic Death Metal, a very fast one, with very good riffs, a lot of “weight” in the songs, and good vocals, but then… Breaks and more breaks in the vein of the Deathcore music style. First, I started to put one foot behind… My first thought was “C’mon, really? It was so good before. Meh” But I decided that I would listen to the EP till the end (and more than just once), and yes, I was already “prepared” for that, cause I read the promo email, or I thought.

The second song started, it is the song that gives the name of the EP. Like the previous song, it started very well. The Symphonic music with the Death Metal mix is very well done. But this song started with clean voices. Not bad at all to be honest. I was really enjoying the mix. Some breaks, not-so-strong ones, started again, but nothing that looked “bad” in my opinion. A Blackened voice appears here and there mixed with some clean or growling voices, the last one, more in the breaks part. But then… More breaks appeared, more or less in the middle of the song, that is the part I am still not prepared to listen to.

I’m not saying that is bad, or the bands that play this, are bad, it really doesn’t “enter” on me, and it doesn’t really “say” anything to me.

The third song started, a very melodic and not so Symphonic melody starts, Death Metal pumps in, in a so damn good way. Brutal, fast, sounding very good. The Symphonic part mixed with the Death Metal is very well achieved. You need to check the band even if it is just for this very well-done mix. The blackened voice mixed with the growling voice is very good, the riffs are very good, and once more the weight of the song is good, is powerful. But, again, I know. More breaks, and more breaks, even if mixed with a beautiful melody behind it, do not sound so powerful anymore. Hmmmm… After the breaks, the rest of the song is a mix of Symphonic Death Metal and some Deathcore parts, not so “big”. Is more balanced the mix now…

And I arrived at the last song. Named “Another Dimension”. Hmmm… Started more or less, like the first song of the EP. Fast, brutal, even if not so fast or brutal, but started well. But the Deathcore started to appear here and there, this time not, with breaks, but with the way Xander the vocalist sings. This song is the song that you listen to less in the Deathcore style, except for the way I said how the singer does his vocals and no typical breaks.

In resume… Is not an EP that I will listen to, cause is not my “cup of tea”, “not my beach” (like we say in my country), but if anyone wants to know about new bands playing Symphonic Death Metal mixed with Deathcore or just a Deathcore fan, I will advise this band. Why? Well, simple. Even if is not my thing, I can admit, that the band, plays very well, I can admit that there are very good riffs, that the band changes tempos very well, that are very interesting parts of the music band and in my opinion, the band has very good changes to be recognized cause it’s good. But…

Yes, another but, at the same time, I will not listen to the EP again, like I said, maybe a future release, to see if they are doing good music, good riffs, and good song construction, but, one more I have to say. Is not my thing.

And… Is not my comfort zone, is not my music style but in my opinion the band deserves it.
7/10 The Key Keeper 666


7/10 Victory is possible 
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