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SYMPHONY OF HEAVEN are preparing to unveil their new single “In Anger’s Midst”. With a sound that also leans into melodic blackened death realms, the band delivers a dynamic and powerful track. 

The band explain about the new single, “‘In Anger’s Midst’ is about going through such a dark time in one’s life that you feel on the verge of being out of control, lost, and that if you don’t get yourself out of that hole you’ll regret what you might do or become”. The track also fits into the band’s pseudo-historical world that bleeds through their music; the lore of ORDO AURUM, a pseudo-historical Christian Order. Within this realm the lyrics of the song come from a document written by Grandmaster Nicolaus Farel, in 1919 after the death of his parents and family to the Spanish Flu in Europe. The surviving document has recently been uncovered, having been kept in the London Lodge until this time.

Based out of Southern Indiana, SYMPHONY OF HEAVEN began as a one-man project in 2017 under the direction of PATHØS, releasing one full length album, 2 covers and participating in a split EP. By 2019 the band had grown to include a full line-up including ASAPH on drums, TIMORATUS on bass, and Eero Tertsunen of RENASCENT on lead guitar. During this time period the band released the EP The Ascension of Extinction, and the full length album Maniacal Entropik Discordium. TIMORATUS departed the band, and former live member ONYX stepped in on bass guitar duties as a full time member. 

SYMPHONY OF HEAVEN’s philosophy is rooted and exists within a Christian worldview and mindset, as the majority of our members have been Christians. Our lyrics have always tried to deal with the dark realities of life on this Earth, yet with Hope at the End.

PATHØS, guitar and vocals 
ASAPH, drums 
ONXY, guitars and synth 
Eero, guitars


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