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“To Know Defeat” is the first single from Kybalion future album named “A Crippled Power” and is set to June 27th, 2024 via Void Wanderer Productions in digital and Tape format.

“A Crippled Power” is the first EP from black metal italian act Kybalion; the 5 tracks convey the band’s philosophical, unsettling and weird imagery and lyrics through cold riffs and fast-paced songs.
The “straight-to-your-face” approach to the genre finds its roots in the members’ favorite bands, those being Horna, Taake, Craft and so on. , and it fits the main somewhat beastly Epicurean message behind the whole EP: “bite every single ounce of flesh you can put your fangs on, since they will eventually fall and leave you starving. To live free is to live without limits, exploring the glorious curse of Freedom.”

Kybalion is a 4-piece black metal act hailing from Italy, born in 2022 as a studio project and later developed as a full band.

Exploiting its members’ different attitudes and approaches to extreme music, Kybalion delivers an impactful, straight-to-your-face, freezing cold black metal that still explores more dissonant and soundscape-ish, atmospheric sounds.

Both lyrics and imagery of the band are deeply rooted into philosophy, especially Hermetism, Existentialism and Absurdism. The band’s lyrics move from the hopeless discomfort of being, to the glorifying of the sempiternal human spirit, capable of being a Hero as soon as it realizes its true power.
In 2022, “Through Violence” Demo is out as studio project; In 2023, the band played several gigs, sharing the stage and opening for bands like Arcturus, Hideous Divinity, Fossilization, Altars, Infernal Angels.

In late 2023, the band started a collaboration with Europe-renowned booking agency Death Over Rome.
In June 2024, the first EP “A Crippled Power” will be out everywhere.
In October 2024, the second EP “Make the World Bleed” will be out everywhere.

1. To Know Defeat
2. Demiurge
3. A Crippled Power
4. Pale Skin Waiting
5. Waste Of Flesh

All music and lyrics written and recorded by Kybalion
Mixed and mastered by  Lorenzo Fabiani
Artwork by  Belial Necroarts


Void Wanderer Productions

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