#CriticalDefiance Misconception

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Band: Critical Defiance
Title: Misconception
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 25 August 2023
Country: Chile
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Initially released in 2019 in the USA in CD format, after that a few reissues in Chile, and Taiwan in Tape and Vinyl format, now, and finally in Europe via Dying Victims Productions in vinyl format. Suppose you know this label and if so you already know what to expect.

One of the styles that the label is related to is the Thrash Metal and this is what you will listen to. Do you remember (I do) the middle 80s or near the end of the 80s bands such as Toxik, Defiance, Atrophy, Lȧȧz Rockit, Vio-lence, Forbidden, Sacrifice, Whiplash, Artillery, and many many others? Well… You got the idea then…

I’m not saying that the band is exactly like the bands mentioned above by me, it just serves to give you an idea of the type of Thrash Metal that this band plays. I can’t deny a few touches here and there of Heavy Metal, but the band is mainly Thrash Metal, my opinion.

Therefore, Critical Defiance is a very old-school Thrash Metal band with a very captivating, inviting, interesting, and engaging sound. It reminds the beginnings of Thrash Metal with its “aggressiveness” and energy with some frenetic, powerful, and at the same time melodious riffs.

The album is divided into 8 songs and all of them are very good. 8 “slices of cake” that are eaten slowly and in a pleasant way and the next thing you know… The cake has already been eaten. Time to eat (listen to) it again. Ahahahahahah

From the calmer and more melodic moments with excellent guitar solos, to the faster moments, with the voice included or even without it, this album is not “tiring” or boring and I even say that it is a very good listen and an album not to be missed.

I loved the album and listened to it several times, often just a few songs in “repeat” mode to appreciate the guitar solos, or some more technical moments of the drums, or hear the bass lines. But then I would go back to the album and listen to it in its entirety.

This album is a Thrash Metal album that must be heard by the “faithful” of the style without fail, but also by those who enjoy a good metal album. In my opinion, no one will regret the time they spent listening to this release.

For me, it’s the following… 8.5/10 The Key Keeper 666


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8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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